Solidarity Neymar→’The 2nd Seol Young-woo’ Jang Si-young said, “More than 20 K-League games + I want to achieve the Young Player Award.”

Jang Si-young, born in 2002, is the core of Ulsan HD’s “Hong Myung-bo” U-22 resource, which will challenge for the third consecutive K League 1 in the 2024 season.

Jang, who played in 10 games since his debut in the main league last year, even scored a goal. Notably, he made a strong impression when he scored a goal after receiving a long pass from Joo Min-kyu at the end of the second half in a home game (2-0 win) against Daegu FC on Oct. 29 last year, when Ulsan confirmed its second consecutive K-League 1 title and an early championship.꽁머니지급

Jang was an active player at Hyundai High School and was nominated first for the club and went to Yonsei University. Jang gained attention for his quick feet and brilliant personal tactics, earning him the nickname “Solidarity Neymar.” In addition, he was recognized for his multi-talented talent by playing in various fields including side defense.

Jang Si-young, who met with Sports Seoul on the 1st in Kagoshima, Japan, Ulsan’s second winter cell training site, smiled brightly when he talked about “Yonye Neymar,” and said, “Honestly, I knew everything if I joined the regiment 11 times.”

Coach Hong Myung-bo also highly appreciates his talent. He plans to utilize him as a right fullback as well as a flanker attack in the new season. “Playing the right defense, I feel like I am playing soccer anew. I am learning how to handle the situation in the build-up from the position or under (defensive area),” Jang said. “My roommate is Hwang Seok-ho. He often comes out and breathes with me to the right side of the central defense, and he gives me lots of advice.”

Jang Si-young, a native of Ulsan Youth, is following the path of Seol Young-woo, who played as a striker in the college stage and turned into a fullback. “My role model is Young-woo,” he said with a smile. “I sometimes copy Young-woo’s twisting motion. My friends around me even teased me saying, ‘You’re copying Young-woo.’

In November last year, he injured his left parietal bone (bones beneath the ankles) while accompanying the Olympic team led by Coach Hwang Sun-hong on an expedition to France. He is also undergoing treatment during the training period. “Actually, I failed to control my weight because I rested for too long due to injury. I gained five kilograms and joined the training, but I lost three kilograms,” he said, continuing to fight with himself.

Seol also met Hong and learned more about defense concepts. Jang is also going through the same process. “Coach first places importance on how to play in a game. I emphasize not only the position of defense but also the speed of transition of offense and defense, and not losing in one-on-one fights with opponents,” he said.

Through several exhibition games held in Kagoshima, Jang improved his experience in field defense. In an exhibition game against Fukuoka University, which took place at Ira City Stadium on Sunday, his team was leading 1-0, replacing the winger in the second half and scoring an additional goal with his right foot. He is showing off his multi-talented offense and defense, in keeping with the situation of the team.

On his new season’s goal, Jang said, “I want to play more than 20 games in any position. I want to have at least five attack points,” adding, “I’m dreaming of winning the Young Player Award.” “My mother also told me, ‘You’re going to win the Young Player Award this year, right?’. I felt pressured, so isn’t it better than indifference?”

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