Kim Taehyung’s charisma is so popular… Lotte players move on their own

Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung (57), who has been at the helm of Lotte since this season, can define a character with the word “charisma.”

Coach Kim Tae-hyung, who served as Doosan manager from 2015 to 2022, is a “master” with a tremendous career of advancing to the Korean Series for the seventh consecutive year and winning the Korean Series three times. Above all, he is considered to have the power to quickly dominate the team in that he has charisma that cannot be encountered.라바카지노

As Lotte quickly appointed Kim Tae-hyung as its new coach after finishing the last season, the team had no choice but to sense the changing atmosphere. For this reason, Lotte players had no choice but to pay attention to exactly what the new coach was like. For this reason, even at the spring camp in Guam, people say that the players are taking actions on their own.

What is the current atmosphere of the Korean national team? Veteran Jeon Joon-woo, who assumed the captaincy at the suggestion of manager Kim Tae-hyung, smiled when reporters said, “It seems like the players are taking actions on their own.”

“I heard about the coach’s style and I think he is doing it with energy, which is good,” Jeon said. “The mood itself has changed. I think the players also thought about it. That’s why I think I am doing it with energy from the first day of the camp. I have gained a lot of good energy,” Jeon said, explaining that the mood is changing only with the emergence of coach Kim Tae-hyung.

However, manager Kim Tae-hyung is concerned that his players might get stressed out due to the coach. As it happens, Lotte is facing an era of “indefinite competition” regardless of position. If you train enthusiastically to catch the coach’s eye, you may overdo it or it may lead to injury.

“I’m a little worried. I’m a little worried that the players might feel pressured,” manager Kim Tae-hyung said. “Unless you’re a complete veteran like Jeon Joon-woo, you’ll be wary of the situation because you don’t have a seat for yourself.”

“They are all the same in baseball. They are trying hard to beat their opponents, and they are trying to make more money by doing well individually,” manager Kim Tae-hyung continued. “Isn’t it that the manager wants to become the leader and win by running the game? Baseball is all the same, but if it depends on the manager, players might be more afraid of the manager,” he said, hoping players would focus on honing their skills and skills rather than being conscious of the manager’s style.

Coach Kim Tae-hyung is closely monitoring players’ physical conditions as he heads the spring camp, going back and forth to the batting field and bullpen. He sometimes throws a joke at players. “I’m also a good joke,” Kim said with a chuckle. “I saw players for a bit, but I felt naive.”

Aside from the manager’s charisma, the team has high expectations for him. It is undeniable that he is the best-performing manager in the KBO League in recent years. Lotte’s Korean Series championship clock has stopped since 1992 and has yet to play in the fall baseball league since 2017. That’s why it had no choice but to invite “master” to the team.

“I have high expectations. The coach has advanced to the Korean Series for seven consecutive years,” Jeon said. “We just have to work hard depending on the coach,” he said. “Since he has played in many big games and seasons, I think there is a way to resolve each element of the game.”

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