Moon Dong-ju said, “I’m hungry even at 160km” and challenged Ma’s arrest, “I have to go up even 1km more to grow.”

Moon Dong-ju (21, Hanwha Eagles), the first Korean player to record 160 kilometers per hour in the Korean pro baseball league last year. However, he said that human greed knows no bounds. Moon, who is entering the new season, is looking beyond that.월카지노

After finishing his second day of the 2024 Hanwha Eagles spring camp at Ball Park in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on Tuesday, Moon told reporters, “I haven’t set a big goal, but I’ve prepared well since the off-season and I think I have to show that much more performance. I have to do better than last year,” adding, “I thought the speed of my horse was 160 kilometers. However, after throwing the ball, I get greedy.”

Moon Dong-ju garnered great attention last year by throwing a 160-kilometer ball speed limit, which is officially recognized by the KBO. He joined Hanwha as the first candidate in 2022, but suffered ups and downs in his first season. Moon, who showed great performance last year with eight wins, eight losses and an ERA of 3.72 and became the winner of the Rookie of the Year award. He won the gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games last fall and served as the ace player for the Korean national team at the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) after the end of the season.

Through this experience, he confirmed that his fastballs can be successful in international competitions, which led to his confidence. The rookie award and the team’s new season as the team’s native ace. What’s his mindset? “I want to elevate everything. I need to improve overall,” Moon said. “I pitched as a rookie last year, and I didn’t pay attention to the figures, but I think I need to do better this year because of the accumulation of data from last year.”

Moon Dong-ju (left). /Picture= Hanwha Eagles homepage
Among them is ball speed. According to Statistics, a statistics website specializing in baseball, Moon’s average speed at fastballs last year was 151.6 kilometers. He ranked fourth after Ahn Woo-jin (153 kilometers), Kim Seo-hyun (152.6 kilometers), and Ko Woo-seok (152.5 kilometers) among starting pitchers.

He also learned how to relax and pitch rather than throw every pitch over and over again. However, because of this, some of his pitches were set at a lower average speed. “Unlike the national team that threw all of its pitches, in the league, there were times when players relaxed and relaxed as they had a lot of games,” Moon said.

“All pitchers are greedy for ball speed. It can be said that it is not important. The batter feels threatened only when the ball is caught. All pitchers have no choice but to be greedy for ball speed,” he said. “The ball speed has risen every year, but this year, we have to go up 1km more to grow. I also get motivated. I hope the speed will go up again this year. After the offseason, the ball speed got faster,” he expressed his expectation.

Given his successful season and experience in international competitions, he is expected to become a more powerful pitcher than last year. He is confident. There is no new weapon.

“I am not preparing anything new. My breaking balls and commands are important, so I have to pay more attention,” Moon said. “I thought I should work harder to make my breaking balls. Then I think I can defeat the opponent even with my own pitches. I need to make (the existing) breaking balls more perfect.”

As such, the team started preparing for the season in advance. “I know my expectations have risen, and I feel pressured, so I prepared better,” said Moon, who left for the U.S. for personal training before the team’s off-season training. “I have to meet my expectations as much as I have high expectations for myself. That way, I can enjoy more fun and enjoyable baseball. I am confident that my team can rise to a higher rank. (To do that), I have to do better.”

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