It’s a tiger after a zombie!…”Korean Tiger” Lee Jung-young won a 3-0 decision on his UFC debut

“Korean Tiger” Lee Jung-young (28, Sengim) won his UFC debut with a stable performance.

On the 4th (Korea time), he won the third round 3-0 against Blake Builder (33, USA) in the featherweight competition of “UFC Fight Night 235” held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

All three judges were completely defeated, 30-27.

Lee Jung-young was not in a hurry. As if he had already expected how the builder would turn out, he blocked the tackle by turning his back against the fence.

He was not locked up like he did in a road-to-U.F. final match in February last year. He didn’t panic when he pushed for the game, but kicked a knee kick in the builder’s face when he exited the game.

When the kneecap builder stumbled, Lee Jung-young poured out consecutive hits to end the game, but he did not try to be greedy. When he found out that the builder was holding his nerve, he stepped back and reorganized his line.마카오토토

In the second round, he succeeded in taking down with an extra-hugging at the clinch. He hit his elbow down at the top position and accumulated points one by one. He was greedy for finishing touches on consecutive foundations, but when he judged it was too much to finish, he immediately stopped attacking and started to catch his breath.

Lee did not rush in this match. He did not underestimate his opponent and did not overconfident himself. He demonstrated his skills one by one by one, beating his stone legs and crossing the bridge.

Even in the third round, the builder had nothing to do. Lee was preparing for the number of cases. Once again, he dragged the builder to the ground and gave no room for reversal.

Lee Jung-young’s debut in the UFC was not spectacular. But he was calm, calm and stable. It was meaningful that he properly played in the third round.

Lee has won eight consecutive games since October 2017. His record stands at 11 wins and one loss.

Before the game, Lee said, “If there is no major injury, I would like to play at least three games this year. It is possible. As I am in the best condition after undergoing knee surgery, I can aim for participation in matches this summer and this winter.

Lee expressed his desire to compete with top contenders within two to three years. “I will play as often as I can to join the rank of top contenders,” Lee said.

In addition, he plans to prepare for the next game by a prestigious U.S. team. He said he would choose the team that best suits him over several candidate gyms.

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