Rumors of Mbappe transfer are finally over… Good bye Lee Kang-in is going to Real

France’s Le Parisien reported on the 3rd (Korea time), “Mbappe chose Real Madrid. He has decided to leave French Ligue 1 and join the world’s biggest club that has been waiting for Mbappe forever.”

It added, “Nothing has been signed in the contract yet. Everyone thinks that Mbappe has made the decision. The greatest star of French football will join Real next season. Optimism over Mbappe’s acquisition is dominating in Real, and Mbappe and Real are quietly negotiating to sign a contract, which Mbappe keeps secret for now as he calculates the right time to announce his choice.”월카지노

After Le Parisien’s report came out, experts in the French transfer market are pouring out a flurry of reports on Mbappe’s trip to Real Madrid. “According to sources, Mbappe has decided to move to Real when his contract with PSG expires this summer. Mbappe is expected to announce his decision to move to Real within next week,” said Julian Lawrence, who is in charge of Paris Saint-Germain at ESPN in the U.S.

He added, “Considering that Mbappe reversed himself when he was about to head to Real in 2022, there is always a chance that Mbappe will change his mind until the two parties actually sign the deal. But now it looks like his move to Real will finally come to fruition this summer.”

Real began to aim for Mbappe when he became a superstar at PSG. It was in June 2020 that Real began to specifically move to recruit Mbappe. Real began to tempt Mbappe when Mbappe and PSG failed to reach an agreement over the renewal of their contract.

In fact, Real attempted to bring in Mbappe. During the summer 2021 transfer window, Real sought to sign Mbappe for a fee of 180 million euros (W260 billion), but PSG rejected Real’s offer at once.

Mbappe then agonized over renewing his contract with PSG and moving to Real Madrid. As Mbappe reversed his decision at the last minute, Real had no choice but to watch Mbappe renew his contract with PSG. However, Mbappe revealed his will to take on a new challenge when he announced last summer that he would no longer extend his contract with PSG.

At this time, Real reached out to Mbappe once again. Just before the winter transfer window began in 2024, Real moved to contact Mbappe, who was able to freely negotiate with other clubs under Boseman’s rules.

Spain’s Marca reported at the time, “Real will contact Mbappe next week to see if he is still willing to sign him, whose contract with PSG will end on June 30. Real and Mbappe agreed to communicate again in early January, and will do so. This is the same way they signed David Alaba in the first week of January, three years ago, when his contract with Bayern Munich will expire in June.”

“Real will maintain the same conditions agreed at the time, 26 million euros (about 37.5 billion won) in annual salary and 130 million euros (about 187.8 billion won) in contract bonuses,” “Marca” said in detail.

Along with the proposal, Real set a deadline for Mbappe. As in the past, he clearly communicated that he wanted Mbappe to make a decision within mid-January in order not to get stabbed in the back. England’s ‘The Athlete’ said, “This summer, I presented Mbappe with a deadline to decide whether Mbappe will join Real or not. Some people at Real felt betrayed when Mbappe chose to renew his contract with PSG in May 2022. Nevertheless, contact between Real and Mbappe has never been completely cut off. However, Real made it clear that if Mbappe wants to transfer to Real, he must make a decision before mid-January.”

The deadline set by Real has passed, but Mbappe has made a decision about his future.

The happy future that PSG had hoped for went up in smoke. PSG had handed over an offer to Mbappe, the current highest-paid player in Europe, to maintain his extraordinary conditions. France’s RMC reported on Mbappe’s future on the 17th of last month. The media reported, “The offer to extend the contract is on the table. PSG still wants Mbappe to renew the contract. The new contract proposed by PSG is higher than what Real can provide, but it is not much different from the conditions currently being received by PSG.”

Of course, PSG was also increasingly aware of the possibility that it would not be able to keep Mbappe internally. “Time does not work in PSG’s favor. Some PSG figures are pessimistic about Mbappe’s renewal of contract. Currently, it is not the time for PSG to be optimistic about extending Mbappe’s renewal of contract,” he explained.

PSG’s concerns have become a reality. PSG now has to prepare for a future without Mbappe. PSG disposed of Lionel Messi and Neymar last summer, and started preparations to form a team centered on Mbappe. However, as Mbappe left the team just a year later, it had to come up with a completely new format.

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