Can KIA’s new head coach Jin Gap-yong and Lee Bum-ho be promoted internally? Will he be able to take office on the site of the Australian camp

The pace of appointment of the new head coach of the KIA Tigers is gradually accelerating. Not only the possibility of recruiting personnel from outside the country but also the possibility of internal promotion is drawing attention. In particular, senior coach Jin Gap-yong and batting coach Lee Bum-ho are among the candidates for internal promotion. If internal promotion is made, it is expected that he will be able to take office on the site of the Australian spring camp.

KIA is conducting its 2024 Canberra Spring Camp in Australia without a head coach. Former coach Kim Jong-kook was undergoing substantial examination of an arrest warrant along with prosecutors’ investigation on charges of accepting bribes from a club sponsor. The scandal involved Jang Jung-seok, who was disgracedly withdrawn due to allegations that he demanded back money from Park Dong-won (LG Twins).

Kim Jong-guk and Jang Jung-seok, former head coach of the Seoul Central District Court, received substantial examination of their arrest warrants on Jan. 30. Yoo Chang-hoon, a senior judge at the Seoul Central District Court, rejected the request for an arrest warrant after nearly nine hours of hearing.

“When looking at the sponsorship process, such as the details and timing of the sponsorship company’s advertising sponsorship and the involvement of the suspect, it is necessary to guarantee the right to defend against whether the money received is in return for illegal solicitation,” Chief Judge Yoo said. “Given the investigation so far, the suspect’s attitude toward responsibility, and the suspect’s career, it is difficult to say that there is a risk of destroying evidence or running away.”

Aside from the rejection of his arrest warrant, however, former coach Kim Jong-kook was previously suspended by his team. KIA teams started its first spring camp without a head coach Jin Gap-yong. It is unlikely that there will be a big problem at the first Canberra spring camp, which focuses on technical training rather than actual matches. However, the team clearly needs a coach’s presence at the second Okinawa spring camp, where practice matches begin.꽁머니사이트

“The first spring camp is a training program that we already created during the strategic planning seminar, and it seems that it will be possible without any major problems,” said Kia Tigers’ general manager Shim Jae-hak. “However, it is true that a coach is needed for the second spring camp. I think the selection of a coach will be made with that in mind,” said Kia’s general manager Shim Jae-hak.

There is a lot of criticism over the new head coach of KIA. With coach Lee Jong-beom and former coaches Kim Won-hyung and Lee Dong-wook emerging as candidates for recruitment from outside, the possibility of internal promotion cannot be ruled out.

One of the requirements for Kia to appoint a new head coach is to be a leader who can produce good results but also move in concert with the club. No matter how good the club plans and season manuals are, it is meaningless if the field does not properly reflect them. After all, the key is how well it can understand the club manual and communicate positively while respecting each other with the front desk.

In the case of internal promotion choices, it can give a big score to the fact that the relevant leader is well aware of the team’s history and preparation process for the 2024 season. It is also a card that enables the team to prepare for the opening of the 2024 season without major trials and errors.

The baseball community is paying attention to the possibility of appointing senior coach Jin Gap-yong and batting coach Lee Bum-ho. It is notable that senior coach Jin Gap-yong is the oldest player in the Korean pro team and has a lot of experience as a field coach. Since coach Lee Bum-ho is a resource to nurture him as a next-generation leader, chances are high that he will not have many likes and dislikes. Of course, he is a bit young to become a coach since he was born in 1981, but it will not be a big problem as the age gap between the Korean pro team and Lee Bum-ho is not that big.

Another advantage is that if the team is promoted to an internal position, it will be possible to immediately take the helm of the team from the Australian camp. It will minimize the possibility of having to organize personal matters, join the camp, and conduct on-site training sessions. The team will also be able to continue training at the camp without any confusion. It is curious what decision the KIA team will make over recruitment of personnel from outside night and night, or promotion of its internal leader.

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