You’ve prepared very hard. SSG, from the start of the camp to the ‘power’… to the ‘night training’ on your own

The SSG team is sweating on the U.S. soil. We are trying to shake off the disappointment of 2023. That’s how much we prepared. Viewers are tongue-in-cheek.

SSG players are conducting the 2024 Spring Camp at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, the U.S. It came to Korea late last month. Long-haul flights were not easy, but they are taking care of their training.월카지노

He completed his first training sequence from the 1st to the 3rd local time. He could have done it lightly. No. Pitchers threw bullpen pitching from the start. Fielders also rotate their bats close to the actual game. Night training was left to self-regulation, but few people do not.

“There are some players who came a little early, but the official camp has just turned. It’s not a situation to be specific, but there are some players who stand out,” Lee said with a smile.

SSG players are doing weight training at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, on the 3rd. Photograph | SSG Landers

“The players have prepared really well. That’s tough. Most pitchers throw bullpen sessions on the first day. Some veterans didn’t do it. They have their own routines anyway, so they do it on their own,” said an SSG official.

“It’s definitely different from the past. The players came all winter to build their bodies well. It means that they spent the offseason that well. Unlike in the past, the offseason is said to be important, but the players seem to be doing well on their own,” he explained.

“Night training is definitely free,” said Kim Jong-hoon, a new hitting coach at the SSG. “However, the players take care of their own equipment and go out after dinner.”

Players gathered in groups of two and three and turned the bat vigorously. They looked serious. When taking a break, they joked and laughed. They would not be able to see such images if forced.

SSG was left disappointed in the 2023 season. It won the 2022 championship overall. It tried to win two consecutive games. Consequently, it ended up in third place in the regular season. In the semi-playoff, it was eliminated with three losses.

SSG coach Lee Sung-yong had an interview before departing from Incheon International Airport to Florida in the U.S. on Saturday. | Incheon International Airport | Reporter Kim Dong-young

There was a backlash. Kim Won-hyung stepped down. In the second draft, Kim Kang-min left, and in the aftermath, the team left the general manager.

As time passed, he completed the system of head coach Lee Sung-yong and general manager Kim Jae-hyun. The Futures manager Son Si-heon came. I had a fruitful final camp. Then I came to the spring camp, which is the most important for farming in the new season.

From veterans to young players steadily participate in the camp. Viewers laugh, too. The journey to Florida is not easy. The flight time is long. Still, you can play baseball in the best environment. The facilities have been reinforced more than last year.

At the beginning of the camp, there were cases where they spent time in the Eoyeongbuyeong. Not anymore. As much as I thoroughly prepared, I run with all my might from the start of the camp. SSG has been read.

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