Experienced outsiders? Promoted a coach you know well? A legend that fans want? KIA’s choice is

As time goes by, concerns are bound to deepen, and fans are even more curious. In other words, the appointment of a new coach for the KIA Tigers.라바카지노

It is not a rebuilding, nor is it a time to seek the semifinals. As he is considered a favorite to win, he has no choice but to be more cautious about appointing the head coach.

In a broad sense, it is two directions. It is to recruit experienced leaders from outside or to promote coaches who are well aware of players and internal circumstances of the club. It is not easy to say which direction is unconditionally good because the pros and cons are certain.

First of all, experienced leaders have the experience of leading the team as a plus factor. I have experienced various problems that can arise while leading the team. I have experienced success and failure, and I have learned something from it. It is possible to prepare for what can happen during the season.

However, a problem is that it is difficult to identify the players as the team enters the middle of the spring camp. As the coach ultimately decides on the appointment of players, a coach’s inability to recruit players in the right place at a time when the coach is not able to identify the players could lead to a setback. The coach may not have good teamwork with the coaches. As the coaching staff has already been formed, there are not many areas to change the structure even if a new coach arrives. Teams could become chaotic due to the change of coaches during the season.

In one case, an experienced coach suddenly took over the team and led to a good result. In 2014, LG Twins manager Yang Sang-moon was appointed after Kim Ki-tae voluntarily resigned due to poor performance in the early part of the season, and LG, which was ranked last afterwards, consolidated its efforts to advance to the postseason by ranking fourth.

Samsung Electronics won the Korean Series title with a 4-1 victory over SK in Game 5 of the Korean Series held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on Sunday. Coach Ryu Joong-il is delighted to have won the trophy.

LG, which ranked second in 2022, has made a strong move to recruit Yeom Kyung-yeop as its new coach instead of renewing his contract with Ryu. Yeom led his team to the unified championship for the first time in 29 years in his first season.

Internal promotion has the advantage that the coach does not have to figure it out within the team. Because the coach who has been with him becomes the coach, he knows all the players and knows the coaches, so he can lead the team’s stance as it is.

The disadvantage is that he is a novice coach and has the ability to cope with problems that occur during the season. There may also be problems such as the timing of the replacement of pitchers that a novice coach may experience at the beginning. There is an uneasy side because it has not been verified.

In one case, a novice coach who was promoted to the inside won the title. In 2005, the Samsung Lions appointed senior coach Sun Dong-yeol as their coach, and Sun led Samsung to the championship in the first year and in 2006.

In 2011, Samsung also appointed defensive coach Ryu Joong-il as its coach, and Ryu won the title for four consecutive years from his first year to 2014.

Of course, a novice coach from outside should also be considered. Lee Jong-beom, former LG coach who is a legend of the Tigers, is included in this case. If you have experienced many things including players and leaders, you can think about it. In particular, he is a legendary figure of the team, which fans want.

Analysts say that KIA is a well-equipped team. If foreign pitchers are stable, it can compete with LG Twins and KT Wiz for the championship. That’s why this decision is important.

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