“Never to be known” Secrets, Secrets, Finding the Next Director to Keep Security. Why?

Security and security. Finding the next manager of the Kia Tigers is being conducted under strict security.

KIA announced the termination of its contract with former coach Kim Jong-kook on January 29. A day earlier, on January 28, Kim Jong-kook was suspended from his duties, and the team’s own investigation determined that it was difficult for Kim Jong-kook, who is under investigation by the prosecution for alleged breach of trust, to continue his role as the head coach in reality.헤라카지노

The Kia Tigers’ first spring camp training team is taking place in Canberra, Australia. The team is engaged in training amid a relatively calm atmosphere, but its position as the general manager is currently vacant. Senior coach Jin Gap-yong and the rest of the coaching staff, who have been working with each other so far, are helping train the players. However, the team cannot completely fill the vacancy.

Apart from the training squad in Australia, the front desk is speeding up efforts to appoint the next coach. Everything faces challenges in terms of timing. It is hard to find a case when a coach is replaced at the end of January. The contract with Kim Jong-kook lasted for a total of three years. He completed two years until last season, and was set to make the final of his first contract. Kia has prepared for the 2024 season under the current coach system without replacing the coach even after completing the 2023 season in disappointment. While replacing some coaches, it has clearly expressed its will to give them motivation.

Under such circumstances, a sudden change of coach occurred. Usually, managerial changes occur during or right after the regular season. The team needs to move right after the end of the season to have a relatively free time to contact several people. Baseball players whose destination has yet to be determined can become candidates for the next coach, and on the contrary, although they currently have a team, they can move to another team in the off-season.

In that sense, Kia currently has to find a new coach with quite a lot of restrictions. Currently, nine other teams except KIA have completed the formation of coaches and coaches. Needless to say, since the spring camp officially began. Kia is in a tight spot with its managerial position suddenly vacant.

Kia has strengthened its commitment that it cannot cause inconvenience to other teams as much as possible, and has passed the first stage of downsizing from a wide range of candidates. It is time to select final candidates. Key players within the team are holding discussions head-to-head. It needs a coach who can quickly recognize and accept the team’s future direction, and a coach who can quickly grasp Kia’s players. There are many restrictions and unfavorable conditions, but the team is seeking the best. Once the final candidates are selected, they will start an interview process. It is a de facto interview. Most of the teams that are undergoing the recent hiring process go through interviews.

KIA is also focusing its efforts on cracking down on internal security. This is why specific candidates have not been disclosed to the public so far. They are paying attention to security and security. Even baseball players who are on the main candidate list are not aware that they are candidates for KIA’s next manager. As the candidates are narrowed down a bit more, they will be contacted if the interview is imminent, but the team plans to ask for thorough confidentiality in the process as well.

There are recent cases. A year ago, when the LG Twins were considering renewing the contract with Ryu Ji-hyun and appointing a new coach, there was a rumor that the next coach was Yeom Kyung-yeop. It was also known through media reports and denied at the first report. Since then, the appointment of Yeom Kyung-yeop has actually been made, but there have been many rumors.

Lotte Giants also constantly mentioned candidates for the next coach at a time when Larry Sutton resigned during the last season due to health reasons and led the team under acting coach Lee Jong-un. Among them, Kim Tae-hyung, a former Doosan Bears coach, was mentioned as the most likely candidate, and Kim took the helm of Lotte with strong support from public opinion.

The SSG Landers, who most recently appointed a coach, also suffered from rumors first. After terminating the contract with former coach Kim Won-hyung, he started to appoint a new coach, and in the process, major candidates were mentioned as real names. It was a series of confusion, with the real name being disclosed through the media, and rumors that a strong candidate was actually chosen as the next coach in the process.

Given this process, Kia has no choice but to pay attention to its security as well. When rumors are rampant, it is easy to make a mistake. Especially when a position is of interest to countless people and fans, such as the position of Kia’s next manager, it should be extra cautious. It should be seen as the club’s strong will to select a new coach somehow quietly and carefully without being swayed by external influences.

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