When will the Dodgers sign Clayton Kershaw

The Dodgers held a fan festival at Dodger Stadium over the weekend. It is the 10th year since Guggenheim Baseball Management purchased the team in 2013. However, Clayton Kershaw, the Dodgers’ one-club man, did not attend for the first time. He is a free agent. Shohei Ohtani was the most popular at fan festival events.마카오토토

Kershaw threw the worst pitching in his career in the postseason division series last year and finished in 2023. He garnered one count of out, and gave one walk, six hits, and six runs. Rumors have it that he will retire. However, Kershaw has announced his return after surgery on his shoulder. He successfully completed surgery on his shoulder ligament and capsule in November last year.

Manager Dave Roberts, who attended the fan festival, said, “I talked to Clayton via text a few days ago. His rehab is going really well. You know, we’ll keep in touch and talk. He’s always been a Dodger man and he’s also our hope,” adding that he hopes to return to the Dodgers.

“We will continue to keep in touch with Clayton and we will continue to develop,” General Manager Brandon Gomes said when asked by reporters. He stressed that he is continuing to keep in touch with Kershaw, the current FA.

Kershaw’s annual salary last season was 20 million dollars. He collapsed in the postseason, but he pitched in 24 games in the regular season, 13 wins, 5 losses and an ERA of 2.46, worthy of his reputation. He struck out 137 and walked 40 in 131.2 innings.

The Dodgers are hesitating to sign Kershaw’s FA contract because they are undergoing rehabilitation after shoulder surgery. The surgery was successful, but the timetable for his return is still unclear.

For the Dodgers, signing a contract with the Texas Rangers, Kershaw’s hometown team, is a terrible scenario. Kershaw lives in Dallas with his family during the offseason. His friends are also in Dallas.

LA Dodgers manager Dave Roberts expressed hope for Kershaw’s return to the Dodgers, saying, “I talked to Clayton via text a few days ago.” AP Yonhap News Agency

Kershaw was nominated by the Dodgers and made his debut with the Dodgers. He has 210 wins, 92 losses, 2.48 strikeouts, and 2,944 strikeouts in his 16th year in MLB. Strikeout is the Dodgers record. He is still a one-club man for Dodgers. He is certain to return to the Hall of Fame after retirement. His number 22 will be permanently removed from the list.

The problem is if the contract with the Dodgers fails this year. He will no longer be a one-club man. After retirement, he becomes ambiguous even when he joins the prestigious exhibition.

The Dodgers has five members including shortstop Pee Weiris (No. 1), manager Tommy Lasorda (2), left-hander Sandy Koufax (32), Jackie Robinson (42), who penetrated black and white barriers, and right-hander Don Drysdale (53). Since Drysdale became a member in 1984, the team has failed to produce a one-club man.

In the current FA era, “One Club Man” may not be important. However, the prestigious New York Yankees recently produced members including Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter.

Kershaw is an iconic Dodgers figure. It’s not just about money.

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