Korean national team ace Park Se-woong, “I want to be in it again.” Predicting an all-time high on the international stage

If you play in the Premier 12, you will be able to participate in all adult international competitions. I want to compete with the best players again.”

2023 was the year when the second act of his baseball career was opened to Park Se-woong. In October 2022, he signed a multi-year contract of up to 9 billion won for five years. In his first season since then, he has fully established himself as Lotte’s native ace by struggling with 27 games, nine wins and seven losses with a 3.45 ERA.라바카지노

Although the national team’s recruitment did not result in the most innings and most starts, it was 2023 that could be considered a career-high season throughout the professional season. Above all, it was all the more meaningful because it was a year when it was completely established as the first starter for the next generation of the national team.

Park has displayed her potential to become the next generation Taegeuk mark’s ace in the 2023 World Baseball Classic and the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team. She also has another opportunity this year. The WBSC Premier 12 will be held after the end of the season. Even for the Korean national team, which is aiming to win again, Park is the strongest candidate for the ace.

Park Se-woong, who met at the Deedo Sports Complex in Guam, where Lotte’s spring camp is located, said Tuesday that he aims to win the title of Lotte, ace of giants, and play in the Premier 12. The following is a question-and-answer session with Park.

After preparing early by myself for a few years, we got to camp together, what’s the difference.

I don’t think so. Originally, I tend to speed up a little from the beginning of the camp. He also made a difficult body in Korea. It seems to be to the extent that there is no significant obstacle to throwing and running.

What’s his pace? Manager Kim Tae-hyung is so fast that he seems to be worried

I think it’s always similar to last year or two years ago. The director also said, ‘Isn’t it too fast?’ At that time, I said, ‘I’m going to raise it a little later, but I think it’s better to raise it in advance rather than not raising the pace, and then raise it again after dropping it,’ and he said, ‘I get it.’

The pitchers seem to have a good overall pace

I don’t know because I haven’t seen a lot of other pitchers’ bullpen pitches, but there are many experienced older brothers, and because the existing must-win group was so solid, I think only starting pitchers can perform well.

Still, the results showed good indicators last year, with starting pitchers posting third place on average in the league. If you evaluate your team’s starting lineup for the 23rd season

The starting pitchers (last year) always had a sense of responsibility to “make the game well.” Last year was a season where foreign players such as Barnes and Wilkerson did so well, so I think the starting pitchers’ indicators were good. In the KBO League, foreign pitchers often take the first and second starters, but now I usually think that if Korean players take the first and second starters, the team can be stronger. I think a lot that I would like Korean pitchers to pitch as much as foreign players.

Is Lotte’s ultimate goal to become the first starter

I have set goals every year, but when I set goals, I feel a little impatient and urgent. So I think that if I finish the season without any mistakes in the middle of this season, my grades will be more natural.

Have you talked to manager Kim Taehyung

The manager came to the bullpen and talked to me in the middle, but I haven’t talked much or ordered anything yet. Wouldn’t the manager tell me if he ordered anything a little later? I think so.

Do you still feel awkward and difficult

Rather than that, I think it’s a good atmosphere so far because the director jokes and does it again and again in between.

I have an opportunity to play for the national team again this year, but I wonder if my experience last year has made me more willing to play for the Taegeuk mark

I think the position of national team is not something that everyone wants to go to, so I think it’s a position that everyone wants to go to. I don’t know when that opportunity will come again, so I want to go again. I also think a lot that if I do well, they will pick me.

If you play in the Premier 12, you will play in all A national teams

I also said, “If you go to Premier 12, you will go to all adult international competitions.” I don’t think I’m greedy. It’s an international competition after the season, and in Japan, A-level to S-level players come out to play, so I think I want to go out there and compete again.

If they play a match against Chiba Lotte in Okinawa, they can also face off against Roki Sasaki. Do you have any expectations for such a match

I’ve never thought about it too much. I saw Ohtani before. Ohtani is a little bit more amazing now, so I don’t think there’s such a burden. I don’t know who did better then when I played against Nippon Ham in the U.S. camp in 2017, but I didn’t give him a point.

“Autumn baseball is not our goal. Our goal is to win the championship. It happened to be a joke this morning.” “One of the players (Kim Do-gyu) copied coach Joo Hyung-kwang’s 1999 ceremony, and coach Joo said, ‘Do you think it’s still okay to be a talker? How many times has it not happened?'”

The ceremony that Lotte’s young pitcher Kim Do-gyu imitated refers to the dramatic moment when coach Joo Hyung-kwang cheered right after Lotte and Samsung’s Game 7 victory was confirmed in 1999. At the playoff, which was held as the best-of-seven series at the time, Lotte was on the verge of being eliminated as it trailed Samsung by one win and three losses. However, Lotte followed with a come-from-behind three-run home run by Felix Jose in Game 5, and won Game 6 and played Game 7 in Daegu.

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