Yoon Hyung-joon of NC, who was not frustrated by various sad news, said, “I’ve been directed… If we had done it together until the end when the team performed the best.”

“The direction has slowly been taken. I hope (NC Dinos) stay with me until the end when they perform best.”

Yoon Hyung-joon (NC) did not mind a number of sad news reports, including the inclusion of foreign hitters in the same position as well as the exclusion of the first-tier spring camps. Rather, he was striving to improve his skills with greater motivation.월카지노주소

Yoon Hyung-joon, a former middle school student at Jinheung High School, is an 186-cm tall infielder with a physique of 97 kilograms. He entered the professional league as a No. 31 player in the fourth round in 2013, and has been playing for NC again since the 2021 season after passing through the LG Twins.

Notably, Yoon had a significant period last year. He played in 82 games, the most by an individual player, and recorded five homers and 27 RBIs with a batting average of 0.252 (55 hits in 218 at-bats).

Yoon Hyung-joon, who recently met at Masan Baseball Stadium, where the CAMP 2 (spring camp) of NC Dinosaurs (NC Second Division) is in full swing, said of 2023, “All figures, including the number of games and the number of at-bats, were the highest in my career. I was curious about how much the figure would be because I had never played a full season before, but after seeing what I did last year, I gained confidence. It was a season where there was a clear direction for how to prepare based on records.”

“Last year, coach Song Ji-man and coach Jeon Min-soo came. I didn’t play much in the 2022 season and there was a lot of confusion, but I had time to organize myself before I went to Arizona Spring Camp after the season. Coach Song Ji-man and coach Jeon Min-soo helped me a lot in training my mental side,” he said. “I invested more time in establishing a routine than batting. The direction has slowly become clear,” he nodded.

Yoon Hyung-joon continued, “I realized what kind of batter I am and what I have strengths in while training. As I practiced without any confusion, I could see clearly which way to go. That helped me the most. Under those circumstances, I played a lot of games and the results came out naturally. The results were good, so I gained confidence and confidence in my direction. I also trained to control my emotions throughout the season,” he added.

However, it was regrettable to conclude the season. He swung the bat until July, but showed poor performance with a batting average of 0.189 in August and a batting average of 0.125 in September. Since then, Yoon has been excluded from the postseason entry, and failed to join NC’s journey from the wild card game to the playoffs.

Yoon Hyung-joon said, “I had no problem in terms of physical strength. As I showed good performance in the first half of the season, I think the opposing team analyzed me well and dug in. I also prepared for it, but it didn’t work out as I thought because it was done by a person. I tried to do well, but I think the opposing team prepared a little better. I also think if I analyze and study a lot, I will get a better performance than last year. There was no significant physical and technical drop or technical confusion.”

Looking back at the fall baseball games, he said, “I wanted to join the entry team, but the situation was not good. It was a bummer. I had enough confidence that I could show good performance,” adding, “I could not join the team because I was not good enough. I thought that I should prepare a little more and join the entry team this year. I watched it while cheering, hoping that the team members would do well.”

The period of regret continued. Yoon was not included in the CAMP 2 list of the NC Dinosaurs that are currently under way in Tucson, Arizona, the U.S. However, Yoon was sweating profusely for his stellar performance in this season with even greater passion than frustration.

“It would be a lie to say that you are not disappointed. However, it is not a time for me to be deeply agitated by such a situation or to blame the situation or the environment, such as my annual leave. If you complain, you sound like a child. I have something to prepare alone, but if I do it in Korea, I can concentrate more fully on myself. I saw the list (N team CAMP 2) but it was not there, so I thought it would be better to prepare it. Rather, I thought it was good,” Yoon said.

The outlook is not bright this season, either. In order for Yun to play as the main first baseman, he has to surpass Matt Davidson, the new foreign hitter.

Having been drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks as the 35th overall pick in the rookie draft of the Major League Baseball in 2009, Davidson had 54 homers in the big league and 226 homers in the minor league. Last year, he played in the Hiroshima Toyo Carp uniform of the Japanese pro baseball and sent 19 hits out of the fence in 112 games. He is a formidable competitor.

Nevertheless, Yoon said, “(In order for me to play), I think I have to outperform and outperform the foreign batters in general. In particular, I have to be more competitive in slugging. If I do my best to prepare, I will have a chance. I don’t know what will happen to a person,” he said with glistening eyes. “If I can hit the batter accurately and strongly at the batter’s box, I think I will be competitive.”

Last but not least, he said, “I will do better than the previous season, rather than speaking numerically. If NC Dinosaurs advance to the postseason this year, I would like to join the roster and feel the joy or emotion as a member of the same team. I hope we can stay together until the very end when we achieve the best results.”

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