“If I’m the general manager, I’ll call Boras”: Milwaukee’s Ryu Hyun-jin Strongly Claims to Sign Low-Cost 1+1 Year Contracts

Milwaukee recently traded ace Corbin Burns to the Baltimore Orioles. On the 2nd (Korea time), he gave up Burns to Baltimore and received left-handed DL Hall and infielder Joey Otis. Milwaukee traded Burns because he is going to the FA market after this season.

Even if there is an opportunity to sign an extension contract or renew his contract in the FA market, Milwaukee cannot afford to pay more than 200 million dollars for his ransom. If it cannot be caught later this year, it is beneficial to sell it when it is expensive.

If so, bringing in Ryu might not add up. However, Burns and Ryu are on a different level. Ryu can either sign a one-year contract or a “one plus one year” contract. A year’s salary of around 10 million dollars is sufficient, too. He does not have much financial burden. Instead, if he is healthy as a veteran starter, he is sure to be a candidate who will contribute to stabilizing the rotation. If he wants low cost and high efficiency.

In a related development, local fan media “Reviewing The Brew” strongly insisted on the 8th that the Milwaukee Brewers should recruit Ryu Hyun-jin with a blatant article titled “The Milwaukee Brewers can sign left-hander Ryu Hyun-jin to improve the starting lineup in 2024.”

Milwaukee won the NL Central last season with a 92-70 record. It was eliminated by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the wild-card series with two losses, but it has shown its potential to reach the postseason five times in the last six years. Although it sent out Burns, Milwaukee aims for the postseason again this year.꽁머니사이트

To do so, it is necessary to strengthen the sloppy starting lineup, even if it is not Burns’ position.

Milwaukee traded ace Corbin Burns to Baltimore on the 2nd (Korea time). AP Yonhap News
“The rotation, which has been considered Milwaukee’s strength in recent years, is now being pointed out as a weakness,” the media said. “Freddie Peralta is currently the ace, but he has never shown consistency in pitching innings. He pitched 165 ⅔ last year, and completed the required innings for the first time since his debut in 2018. He has 12 wins and 10 losses with a 3.86 ERA and 210 strikeouts in 30 games. It is a two-time starter for most teams, but Milwaukee is practically the first starter.

Wade Miley is the second starting pitcher. He signed a contract with Milwaukee for one year 8.5 million dollars at the current FA market. He pitched 120 ⅓ in 23 games last season, recording 9 wins and 4 losses with an ERA of 3.14. Born in 1986, Miley was in his prime at Arizona from 2012 to 2014. Although he is an old-fashioned veteran, Milwaukee caught him because it can be expected to secure stability.

Colin Ray is the third starting pitcher. He had six wins and six losses and an earned run average of 4.55 in 124 ⅔ innings in 26 games last year. Born in 1990, he is also a veteran in his mid-30s.

Joe Ross will be the starting pitcher. Having thrown for a while at the San Francisco Giants minor league last year, he signed a one-year, 1.75 million-dollar contract this time. However, he has no actual record of playing in the big leagues over the past two years. He had Tommy John Surgery in June 2022 and focused on rehabilitation until last summer before moving to the minor leagues. Ross has never played full time since his Major League debut in 2015 with the Washington Nationals. However, Milwaukee’s pitching staff has weakened enough to allow him to start. Milwaukee released Brandon Woodruff as a non-tender after the season when he threw the ball poorly due to his shoulder injury.

Other candidates include Hall, who was hired from Baltimore, Aaron Ashby, and Robert Gasser, a minor leaguer. Regardless of who he is, he is anxious because he has little experience. After all, he concluded that he should bring in Ryu among the remaining starting FA players in the market.

The media said, “Ryu Hyun-jin returned from Tommy John Surgery last year and started in 11 games, recording an outstanding 3.46 ERA. He won the Cy Young Award vote for two consecutive seasons in 2019 and 2020, and his career ERA is excellent at 3.27, adding, “He showed that he can still pitch effectively after Tommy John surgery.”

“If I were general manager Matt Arnold, I would call Scott Boras to get a Ryu Hyun-jin contract,” he said. “It would be appropriate to present a 1+1 year contract with a higher salary for the second year considering his age and recent injury history.”

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