“I’ll regain my presence” … SSG ‘Forgotten for a Time’ 1st Rounder, Dreaming of the Year of the Dragon ‘Heaven’

SSG Kim Chang-pyeong (24) is sharpening his sword. Since he has been to the military, there is no back. He said he was a “high-level prospect.” Now he is waning. He aims for a “rebound.” Just in time, this year is the year of the Blue Dragon. Kim Chang-pyeong, the year of the dragon, dreams of ascending to heaven.

“This year is the Year of the Dragon,” Kim Chang-pyeong said at SSG’s 2024 Florida Spring Camp. “I was born in the Year of the Dragon again. I didn’t meet my expectations after joining the team. I think I lost my presence after returning from the military. I will find my lost presence again. I want to make myself known a lot. I really want to make that happen.”헤라카지노

Kim Chang-pyeong is a first-round pick of the 2019 rookie draft. When he was at Gwangju Jeil High School, he was called a “genius shortstop.” He was selected as the third out of the infielders and the second out of the high school graduates. There were Lee Hak-joo and Noh Si-hwan in front.

SSG Kim Chang-pyeong is training for batting at 2024 Spring Camp on the 6th. Photo | SSG Landers

It was assessed as a resource to dispel worries about shortstop. He showed many things during his high school years and displayed clear capabilities. However, things did not go as he had hoped. He played in 18 games in the first division in his debut season, posting a batting average of 0.178.

In 2020, he played only 35 games with a batting average of 0.192, and in 2021, he performed poorly with a batting average of 0.080 in 40 games. The defense was unstable due to the defense line, and the bat remained silent with the bat.

He chose to join the military. He applied to Sangmu, but failed in the final. Eventually, he started his military career as a social service worker in January 2022. He was discharged from the military in October last year as time passed. He was immediately registered as a full-time player. He did not play in the first division.

He has not shown anything over the past five years. He has 93 games in total in the first division, 0.169 in batting average and 0.476 in OPS. The biggest problem was that he was unable to play in his normal condition due to dislocation of his shoulder.

Kim Chang-pyeong said, “In the end, it’s an injury. I had to save it when I got the opportunity. I hurt my left shoulder. In fact, I was okay when I slid in the process of stealing. It’s not good when you stretch your left arm while following the ball in defense. I had a dislocated shoulder during defense, so I had no choice but to do it.”

“Before I went to the army, I didn’t take advantage of my strengths. I focused on supplementing my weakness, which is defense. Then, I couldn’t take advantage of my strength, hitting. My strength disappeared completely. I want to try my bat this year,” he stressed.

Now that we know the cause, we need to find a solution. “I’m trying to continue to develop my strengths, such as the bat, the ability to perform operations, the ability to get on base, and steal bases. You have to be good at mine first to compete in the competition. It’s not that I’m not saying I’m not going to play defense. Defensive is a basic rule of course,” he said.

“I moved my position to the outfield. First of all, when I can defend in the camp, I try to play in the outfield no matter what. I try to play in the extra batting training for batters. I will do my best. My shoulder is in good condition now,” he added.

He joined the team immediately after being discharged from military service last year, and sweated a lot. “I think I am better prepared than I thought. I continued training in Ganghwa even during the off-season. As I came to the camp and trained, I have a sense of technology. I have improved a lot during the camp,” he said, expressing confidence.

“My goal for this year is full time for the first team. My goal is not to play in the Futures League at all. I have set goals for various records including 100 games and 100 hits. I will do it. I want to revive my presence,” he said.

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