Jose Altuve, Houston’s remaining second baseman as a one-club man

Scott Boras, a superagent, raises the customer’s ransom in the free agent market as much as possible. In particular, Boras has several large FA customers, which is advantageous for negotiations.

Even with only 10 days left before the start of spring training, Boras` big fish customers could not find their bird’s nest. Cy Young Award pitcher Blake Snell, Texas Rangers World Series winner Jordan Montgomery, Cody Bellinger who made a comeback, and designated hitter JD Martinez are among the customers.

The ransom test for the FA market means that they leave the team. When competition intensifies, the ransom goes up. It is difficult for the original team to offer a discount to the home team and stay. However, sometimes Boras does not induce players to enter the FA market. We accept players’ opinions.

A good example is Jose Altuve, a second baseman who extended his five-year, 125 million-dollar contract with the Houston Astros on Wednesday. This contract means that he will end up as a one-club man with the Houston Astros. This is the first time that he has earned more than 300 million dollars in cumulative annual salary in the history of the second baseman.

With a five-year contract extension, Altuve will be able to surpass all major offensive records in the Houston franchise. By 2023, Altuve will rank No. 1 in batting average (0.307), No. 3 in hits (2047) and No. 3 in doubles (400), No. 5 in home runs (209), No. 3 in runs scored (1,062), and No. 3 in stolen bases (293). The biggest hit in the league is Craig Vizio with 3060. Attention is also focusing on whether he will post 3,000 hits over the next six years.마카오토토

The club held a press conference on Altuve’s contract extension at Minute Maid Park in Houston on Tuesday. “Altuve is the heart and spirit of Houston,” team owner Jim Crane said in a video from Orlando, Florida, welcoming him to the contract extension. Altuve, general manager Dana Brown, new manager Joe Espada, and agent Scott Boras attended the event. The mayor of Houston declared Feb. 7, 2024, the day of Hossel Altuve, welcoming him to stay in Houston.

Born in Venezuela, Altuve made his big league debut in 2011. He signed a five-year, 155 million-dollar contract ahead of the 2018 season. He could have become an FA after the season. He was already the first three-time batting champion in Houston’s history. This was the largest contract in Houston’s history. At the time, only six contractors including Altuve signed a salary of 30 million dollars or more.

Altuve’s long-term contract, in which Boras will become an FA after the season, was significant. Of course, he would have fully accepted the customer’s opinion. Long-term contracts with the team were largely attributed to Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell, members of the Houston One Clubman Hall of Fame.

When signing an extension contract with the team in March 2018, many analysts said that the team might follow Craig Vizio’s path. Vizio, who had 3,000 hits, became a member of Coopertown in 2015, and Bagwell, who hit in horseback-riding positions, in 2017. He was the club’s biggest celebration. Notably, Vizio was very similar to Altuve as he was a second baseman with a small physique.

At the press conference, Altuve thanked Craig (Vigio) and Jeff (Bagwell) for their deep connection. Vigio and Bagwell are currently advisors to the club.

Another thing that influenced Altuve’s one-club man in Houston is his family. His wife Nina and two daughters were satisfied with their Houston lives and wanted to be on the team forever.

MVP Altuve was booed by fans in away games for stealing signs in 2017. However, Houston fans love him. Since his big league career in 2011, the team has advanced to the postseason eight times and won the Championship Series and two World Series titles for the seventh consecutive year.

If he maintains his current pace, he is likely to go to the Hall of Fame. Houston has already produced famous members of Vizio and Bagwell One Clubman. Altuve will succeed Legend.

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