(Moon) Dong-ju, 10 wins are natural and come to a bigger stage…” Hanwha’s 35-year-old catcher’s sincerity, Ahn Woo-jin was not a special ace from the beginning

Choi Jae-hoon (35, Hanwha Eagles) recalled that Dustin Nippert is the best among all the pitchers he has ever played in professional baseball. What kind of pitcher will Moon Dong-ju (24) be remembered as by Choi in the future? People would think that his potential and sealing are already the best.

He is aiming to become the best right-hander in the KBO League, going beyond Hanwha’s native ace in just two years since joining the team. What will his third year look like? The prevailing view is that he will “run” in earnest. He is no longer at the level of “exploit his potential.” It has already exploded, and it is time to focus on “how far will he fly?”월카지노

“I have a good mindset. I hit 160 kilometers, and I will speed up more,” Moon said. He is also interested in improving the quality of breaking balls other than the main weapon curves. If he achieves these goals while maintaining his unique pitching balance, he will have the title of the best ace in the KBO League.

At the Melbourne Ball Park in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Choi Jae-hoon praised Moon for his powerful pitching as well as his flagship weapon curveball. “The curve alone surprises batters. The curve looks better because the ball is fast. It’s hard for batters to hit,” Choi said.

I am proud of Moon’s growth. “In my first year, I used to throw with my strength to avoid hitting him,” Choi said. “In amateur days, I used to throw things like that, but it didn’t hit me well. However, professional players are different. You must control the ball whether it is fast or slow. Then, you won the Rookie of the Year award. You have changed a lot.”

Choi said that Moon is now waking up to a competition that does not depend on speed. “I now have the power to catch a batter without having to fight with my strength. It is difficult to hit a Dongju ball easily,” Choi said. As he is still not good at pitching at border lines or fighting against breaking balls, the power of a fast ball is absolutely important. However, his team gradually develops.

Choi Jae-hoon said, “Ahn Woo-jin was not a good pitcher at the beginning of his debut. But what happened now? Dong-ju was not good at the beginning of his debut, but he got better as he kept pushing for it. It will be even better going forward.” As Ahn was away for two years as a social service worker, Moon Dong-ju had a great opportunity to win the KBO League No. 1 title.

However, Moon Dong-ju still has ups and downs. The key is to reduce the number of days when he has difficulty in controlling from the beginning. However, Choi Jae-hoon believed that time will solve this problem, too. “You will have physical problems. When your physical strength declines, your ball also loses strength. You have to make up for it yourself,” Choi said.

Choi Jae-hoon believed that Moon Dong-ju could advance to the Major League. “It’s natural to be a 10-win pitcher, and I think Dong-ju can go to a bigger stage. I hope to see something bigger than a 10-win pitcher,” he said.

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