The team to catch LG, KIA without a coach… What the hell is the basis

Spring camp, where all 10 teams started, is already in full swing.

The ball is round, and the result will be known only when the lid is opened, but the strong candidates for the championship are the defending champion LG Twins and KT Wiz, who fought against each other in the Korean Series. This is because there are not many power leaks, and the leadership of the coaches can continue as it is.라바카지노

Another variable in addition to this is the Kia Tigers. The Kia Tigers are likely to be shaken by controversy over its acceptance of bribes from coach Kim Jong-kook, but the Kia squad is warming up smoothly at the Australian camp. The appointment of a new coach is also imminent. Both LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop and KT manager Lee Kang-chul cite Kia as their dark horse without a coach as their strongest dark horse.

Many people are aware that Kia has solid power. New foreign pitchers have excellent careers, and even if they pitch more than 10 wins, KIA can have top-rated starting pitchers such as Yang Hyun-jong and Lee Eui-ri. The bullpen is also well-rounded.

Still, LG appears to be the strongest among the three teams. There is Ko Woo-suk variable as the closing pitcher, but Yoo Young-chan has good ball. And what makes us expect more wins than last year is the presence of a new foreign pitcher, Ence, who will erase the Flutco variable. If Ence serves as the starting pitcher with 15 wins, LG could become a scarier team whether it is during the regular season or the fall baseball season.

Manager Lee Kang-chul, who is leading the team at the captain’s camp in Busan, showed cautious reaction to KT’s performance evaluation. He said Kia is more likely to check LG than itself. Was it an expression of modesty.

Lee made a cool-headed analysis. “LG is lined with good left-handed hitters. It is a battle to catch them after all. KIA has a lot of left-handed pitchers in its starting lineup and bullpen. That’s why LG has no choice but to play a more difficult game than other teams.”

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