A strong reconstruction of heroes? Sang-woo Cho seemed less lonely… 56-year-old “Thigh Brothers” is working hard until May

The Armed Forces Sports Ministry announced on the 8th the list of successful applicants for the second round of 2024. Along with LG Twins’ Lee Jae-won and Lotte Giants’ Han Dong-hee, Kiwoom Heroes’ Kim Jae-woong (26) stands out the most. At this stage, Sangmu’s enlistment has not been confirmed. This is because the physical measurement will be conducted on the 20th.헤라카지노주소

However, Kiwoom decided to send Kim Jae-woong to Sangmu in June. When he joins the military in June, he will serve until December 2025, and will return in 2026 neatly. He will return to his military service from 2026 with Ahn Woo-jin, who will be released from his mandatory military service in September 2025.

He effectively pressed the retooling button amid a flurry of injuries. He has taken a step further from allowing Ahn Woo-jin, who collapsed in his first season without Lee Jung-hoo (26, San Francisco Giants), to serve in the military first. Although he is still 26 years old, it is worth aiming for the 2026 Nagoya-Aichi Asian Games, but the reality is that he cannot guarantee the selection of players for the national team or the gold medal.

Also, Kiwoom returned this season after Cho Sang-woo (30) ended his two-year career as a social service worker. The other parts’ power is weak and incalculable, but the bullpen, which has two main finishes, is the most competitive part. If Cho Sang-woo and Kim Jae-woong are in charge of the eighth to ninth innings, Kiwoom can plan to operate pitchers only until the seventh inning.

The two are also “thigh” pitchers who represent the KBO League beyond their teams. Not to mention Cho Sang-woo, Kim Jae-woong’s thighs are quite solid. Kim Jae-woong’s speed is in the early 140km range, but he has good vertical movements and rotation speed. The reason why the ball is heavy is the lower body.

However, if Kim has to serve in the military anyway, this could be the right time for Cho Sang-woo to return. Also, if Ahn Woo-jin and Kim actually return together in 2026 after retooling by 2025, it could be a driving force in itself to advance to the postseason.

Anyway, one of Kiwoom’s attractions this year is the 8th to 9th episodes of Cho Sang-woo and Kim Jae-woong. There is a big difference between giving fans the advantage of actually using two closer players and giving them power. If Kim Jae-woong leaves in June, someone will fill the gap in the 8th inning, but there may be a difference in stability.

When Kim returns to the 2026 season after completing his military service, it is unclear whether Cho Sang-woo will remain in the team. Cho Sang-woo will complete his seven-year full-time career at the end of this season, taking the opportunity to go to the Major League through posting. Cho is known to be interested in overseas expansion. Of course, nothing has been said about it with the club.

Kiwoom fans expect to see the synergy between Cho Sang-woo and Kim Jae-woong diligently until May. Kiwoom also means that the game will work out well when the two of them have to play often in the 8th to 9th innings.

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