Commentator Transformation ‘Daedo’ Jeon Joon-ho, “Kia, who is ahead of the momentum, is the favorite!”


The first player that comes to mind when you think of ‘Professional baseball stealer king!’ is former Lotte coach Jeon Joon-ho.월카지노

“Daedo” Jeon Joon-ho takes off his uniform and transforms into a commentator.

The former commentator pointed out KIA, who stands out as the king of stolen bases, as the favorite to win.

This is a report by reporter Kang Jae-hoon.


549 career stolen bases, the most ever.

Jeon Joon-ho, a “big shot” who stole bases 75 times in a season.

I took off my uniform and now I’m back on the ground as a commentator.

As the king of stolen bases, LG’s driving force for the integrated victory was found in the “team’s No. 1 stolen base”, which is analyzed to have a great effect of pressuring opposing pitchers.

[Jun Joon-ho/KBSN baseball commentator: “Pitchers should do a simple ball match… If you do quick motion, you will lose your speed… Wouldn’t the synergy effect of the invisible team be a significant part of it?”]

Starting this season, KIA, which has good mobility, has been pointed out as a candidate for the championship as the base size will be shortened due to the expansion of the base size.

[Jun Joon-ho/KBSN baseball commentator: “KIA will change a lot… Park Chan-ho, Kim Do-young, Choi Won-jun… Na Sung-bum is also a very fast player, and if he runs to the centerline together, I think his scoring routes will be diverse.”]

Legendary Jeon Joon-ho still vividly remembers Lotte’s last Korean Series victory in 1992.

[Jun Joon-ho: “Oh, I did. I touched the base of second baseman Park Jung-tae and the long-awaited Korean Series returned to the arms of Lotte Giants. I can’t believe it. I feel like I’m being rewarded for all the hard work I’ve done.”]

As he has played 14 years as a base running-operation coach, where instant judgment is important, he is confident in the “microscope” commentary that reads the flow of the game.

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