It’s not the body of a 19-year-old pitcher” … Super Rookie Captures Lotte Pillars

The ball is so good, but I don’t think he’s a 19-year-old rookie pitcher from the start.”

Lotte Giants’ future Jeon Mir has dominated the attention of key seniors in the team even before his first real game of his professional debut season. With his excellent physique, sharp pitching, and sincerity, he is showing the appearance of a rookie who has no choice but to love him.

Lotte has been holding its first spring camp of the 2024 season at the Dededo Sports Complex Baseball Stadium in Guam since February 1. A total of 63 players, including 13 coaching staff, including new manager Kim Tae-hyung, 20 pitchers, 4 catchers, 12 infielders and 7 outfielders, will undergo intensive training in Guam until the 20th.

Jeon was the only player among the 10 rookie players to join the team this year who joined the team along with senior players like Ki Ra-sung. It was not just because he was a first-round draft pick but because of his potential in the closing camp last fall.

Jeon was selected by the Lotte Giants in the first round and the third overall pick in the 2024 KBO rookie draft last year. He is 188 centimeters tall and weighs 95 kilograms, and has displayed outstanding performance in both pitching and batting among players of his age.

Jeon Mir was a batter last year when he was a senior at Kyungpook High School, hitting 28 at-bats in 27 games, hitting 0.346 with three homers and 32 RBIs with an OPS of 1.032 and a pitcher with a 5-1 record and 1.32 ERA in 67 ⅔ innings in 18 games.

Jeon’s career path has been decided as a pitcher. Jeon also sweated a lot to make his debut as a pitcher throughout the winter in line with the team’s policy, and joined the spring camp in his best physical condition.

Jeon Mir received a passing point from manager Kim Tae-hyung in the first bullpen pitching of the spring camp on the 2nd. He drew rave reviews that he is competitive in the first team if he can throw the same ball in real life.

“Jeon’s fastball is powerful and he seems to have good control. As a young player, he would want to throw faster balls (but if he can control balls as fast as he is now), he would be able to deploy Jeon in the bullpen (in the regular season),” manager Kim Tae-hyung said.라바카지노

Kim’s comment was not just an encouragement to revive the spirit of a young promising player. Lotte players are also paying attention to Jeon Mi-ra during the spring camp.

Koo Seung-min, Lotte’s setup man, is also one of the seniors who is watching Jeon with interest. Even from the eyes of the league’s top bullpen pitcher, Jeon said that he has all the conditions to grow into a good pitcher.

Koo Seung-min said, “Junmire is not a 19-year-old. He is such a physically fit pitcher,” adding, “He has a good physique and hits a heavy fastball. Kim Won-joong is taking care of Jeonmire as his catch partner, and I can see that he is a good pitcher just by looking at him from the sidelines.”

“I believe that Jeon will be able to grow into a really good pitcher if he gets more experience and his seniors give him proper advice,” Jeon said. “When rookie players come to spring camp for the first time, it is hard for them to adjust and everything is difficult. At times like this, it is a great help to say something warm. I try to be considerate of my childhood so that I can help even a little.”

Lotte’s main catcher Yoo Kang-nam, who received the ball himself during Jeon’s bullpen session, also said without hesitation, “I like his fastball.” He is a good rookie pitcher in all areas, including physical conditions, ball power and attitude toward baseball.

“I can’t believe Jeon is a rookie pitcher who graduated from high school now. He has a good physical ability and a passion for baseball,” Yoo Kang-nam said. “He already has his own routine. I can feel the strength of the ball and he has the ability to become a good pitcher.”

The part that surprised Yoo Kang-nam the most is Jeon Mir’s own movement. Even after the group training, I am proud of him for trying to train his body somehow rather than just taking a break.

Yoo Kang-nam said, “Jeon Mi-R is staying in the next room in Guam and he went to weight training at 10 p.m. I told him not to overdo it and rest, but I felt that he was greedy for exercise.” “I saw him work out a lot but also sleep a lot. He looked very pretty from his point of view.”

Unless there are significant variables, Jeon is certain to be included in the second round of spring camps that will take place in Okinawa, Japan, starting on July 22. The Okinawa spring camp focuses on practice matches.

Jeon Mir can only seek to enter the opening entry of the regular season if he proves his competitiveness in the Okinawa spring camp as well as in the exhibition games early next month. If Jeon breaks the shell of promising players quickly, Lotte’s mound, which is considered solid, can become even stronger.

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