Lee Min-joon, Hanwha’s future shortstop, hit a home run in a two-run bullpen in Japan’s ERA, said, “From the first hit in the first division…”

Lee Min-joon (20), a second-year infielder of Hanwha, is considered a candidate for the team’s future shortstop along with Song Ho-jung (22), who was recently discharged from the military.

Lee Min-joon, who graduated from Jangchung High School and joined the Hanwha Eagles as the 21st overall pick in the third round last year, showed his potential with a batting average of .252 (30 hits in 119 at-bats) and one homer and 20 RBIs in 43 games in the Futures League. He also played in the first division for 20 days from June 20 to July 9, and played in four games as substitute players. During this period, the Hanwha Eagles won eight consecutive games for the first time in 18 years, and Lee Min-joon was also in the dugout.헤라카지노

Lee Min-joon, who also participated in the Futures All-Star Game in Busan on July 14, gained various experiences from his first year by participating in the Education League in Miyazaki, Japan, the closing camp, and the Asian Baseball Championship in Taiwan in December after the season.

“I started the season in Yook Sung-gun, but I went all the way to the first team. I didn’t play many games in the first team, but I learned a lot from practicing. The team had a good atmosphere as it was eight consecutive wins, and I was motivated to play as soon as possible as I kept seeing my seniors performing well,” Lee said.

He also hit a home run against a foreign pitcher for the first time in the Miyazaki Education League. On Oct. 26, he hit a solo home run against Japanese left-hander Fumimaru Taura (25) in the seventh inning in an education league game against the Softbank Hawks. Taura, who debuted in the first division in 2019, had two wins, one loss, seven holds, and 28 strikeouts in 45 games (34 innings) last year.

“I modified my batting form a little during the education league, but it didn’t work out very well in the beginning,” Lee said. However, I did not give up and practiced steadily, resulting in good results. Two or three days before my first homerun came out, I started to find new form. My experience in the education league helped me in the Asian Championship as well.”

Lee Min-joon, who trained with infielder Lee Do-yoon, a senior on the same team in the off-season, said, “I learned a lot of defense from my seniors and how to manage my mental health in the professional league. I have been playing shortstop since I was young, so I want to continue playing here.”

Lee Min-joon, who improved his defense by complementing his footwork, handling and throwing with sweatshirt guidance from his coach Kim Sung-gap, is expected to quickly become a top-tier player once he strengthens in batting. “Lee Min-joon is a highly anticipated player in our team. He knows how to hit the ball in batting as well, and the batting speed is good,” said Kang Dong-woo, batting coach for Hanwha Futures. “I don’t know right now, but if you look at him for a longer period of time, he will become a really good player.”

Lee Min-joon, who is preparing for the season at Kochi Futures Spring Camp in Japan, said, “No matter where I start, I will do my best to become a top-tier player. My first goal this year is to get a hit that I failed to get in the top-tier league last year.”

Lee, who got on base by drawing a walk at his first batter’s box in the ninth inning against KIA in Daejeon on June 20, had to postpone reporting his first hit as his well-hit ball in the ninth inning against Samsung in Daegu was caught as a straight hit to the second base on July 1. Attention is focusing on whether Lee will be able to display his presence with his first hit in this year’s first team.

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