It’s not Kang Baek-ho, Park Byung-ho, or Ko Young-pyo… It’s up to KT’s fate, 3,500 annual salary

It’s not Kang Baek-ho, Park Byung-ho, or Ko Young-pyo… Only when this player explodes will he have a good chance of winning KT!

Who will be the player who will be destined for the 2024 season for the KT Wiz? The performance of key players who earn billions of dollars or hundreds of millions of won a year is also important, but whether or not left-hander Park Se-jin who receives 35 million won is playing is becoming more important.

Park Se-jin has been famous since he joined the team in many ways. He was a left-handed prospect that KT selected as the first pick in the 2016 rookie draft. He was the ace of the national team when he was a high school student.월카지노

The older brother was Park Se-woong. The older brother, Park Se-woong, who graduated from the same Kyungpook National High School, was nominated by KT in 2014. For the first time in KBO League history, the brothers received the first nomination from a team.

However, the brothers had mixed feelings. Park grew up receiving many chances as a starting pitcher and signed a non-FA multi-year contract worth 9 billion won (9 million U.S. dollars) for five years last year due to his steady performance even after moving to the Lotte Giants. He also received military service benefits as a gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

However, Park struggled in her professional career. There was no season to show such performance. She could not take advantage of her left-hander skills. Her pitching was ambiguous and her control was not perfect. She finished her military service as an industrial technical staff, and signed an annual salary contract of 35 million won (33,500 U.S. dollars) for this season. This is the lowest annual salary ever.

Ahead of every season, some said Park Se-jin will be different this time. However, KT and manager Lee Kang-chul have decided to trust Park Se-jin again this time. His brother Park Se-woong also strongly insisted, “This year will be really different.”

Expectations are high for Park Se-jin. KT deserves to hear that it is the “bullpen kingdom” this season. The closing pitcher Kim Jae-yoon chose to transfer to the Samsung Lions as an FA, but Park Young-hyun will fill the spot. Veteran Woo Kyu-min and Kim Jae-yoon reward player Moon Yong-ik have joined the team in the second draft, along with existing bullpen pitchers such as Son Dong-hyun, Lee Sang-dong, and Kim Young-hyun. Park Si-young and Kim Min-soo will also return after recovering from their injuries. They are very rich in quality and quantity.

But he has Achilles tendon. He has no left-hander. It is a huge advantage that the bullpen is equipped by type. Players can be used according to the situation. The truth that left-handed batters and left-handed pitchers are strong does not change. Manager Lee says, “Should we push for a trade?”

All teams value left-handed pitchers. To recruit left-handed pitchers, the bleeding is huge. After all, the answer is to raise them internally. Park Se-jin is the player who has the most expectation under the assumption that there must be a left-handed pitcher.

Park has been increasing his pace by pitching bullpen sessions since the beginning of Busan captain’s camp. He is the fastest among pitchers. “There were times when I habitually lost my right shoulder and the ball also fell out,” Park said. “During the offseason, I trained with coach Jeon Byung-doo focusing on showing my arms naturally by standing up my torso. The coach pointed out to lower my arms, but I will focus on pitching in the upcoming bullpen session.”

“I desperately need a left-hander bullpen in my team. I’m teaching more,” pitching coach Je Chun-mo said. “It’s great to have one. After pitching with my torso up, I think I’ll definitely gain strength and make a good pitch against left-handed hitters. I’m looking forward to it.”

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