Efforts for the ‘Cheongdam Era’, from now on… SSG Futures coach Son Si-heon “The players should prepare more”

SSG Landers, which successfully advanced to the postseason for two consecutive years in 2022 and last year, announced a “remodeling” after the 2023 season. He was determined to catch both generational change and the growth of young players.헤라카지노주소

A lot has changed. The biggest change was in the coaching staff. Along with the first team, SSG appointed a new coach for the Futures League. Coach Son Si-heon, who had never been associated with SSG, was called by SSG.

Sohn Si-heon, head coach of the Futures team, was a former Doosan Bears player who showed stable defense and outstanding operational performance during his active career, and was considered a representative player in hustle play. He was recognized for his leadership as captain of Doosan and NC Dinos, and after retirement, he served as a defensive coach and led young players. In addition, he has been interested in the U.S. farm system that fosters players based on sports science and has been continuously conducting studies in related fields.

SSG explained, “We judged that Son Si-heon, head coach of Futures with such experience and capabilities, understood the direction of fostering the club based on sports science and used it to lead the change and growth of future prospects.”

Coach Son Si-heon, who met with Futures team players since the closing camp in November last year, said, “Since last year’s closing camp, we have focused on the process of identifying each player’s skills and creating their own training routines.” “Although catcher resources have been greatly strengthened (with the FA, the second draft), we have focused on making preparations for our team’s vulnerable positions, 1st and 2nd base and catcher, and in the case of infielders, we have set a direction to play multiple positions together rather than limited positions to increase the utilization of positions in the first team.”

Coach Sohn also stressed, “In particular, the ‘training routine’ is very important for players as a preparation process for the best performance. Each individual teaches various routine programs to make a good posture in practice, and the player is finding a routine that suits him through conversations and discussions with the coach.”

What did Lee and Son talk about during the off-season? “Lee asked for motivation for all the players to train hard, as he started the season on an equal footing,” Son said. “He also asked the Futures team to recommend players who can join the team when the team joins Taiwan.” This will be a great motivation for the players. Although the team started with the Futures team, I hope the team members will prepare better, as they have a chance to be called to the team.”

How is Son communicating with coaches? “Rather than simply ‘evaluating’ the results, I think it is our job to set the direction in which players can grow and conclude our future plans. When discussing players, we discuss the direction of players through small group meetings in which all coaching staff, including pitchers and fielder coaches, participate,” Son said.

“It is important to look at a player and see what different coaches have in different parts. Through various approaches including individual tendencies, the team closely grasps players’ strengths and weaknesses, and discusses how to present performances based on their strengths. Through such meetings, the coaching staff can also understand each other’s training methods and processes. When the coaching staff gets to know each other and approaches each other, they can create synergy effect. The coaching staff will also be able to understand each other as the number of new players is large, and it will be an opportunity to respect each other,” he said smiling.

Compared to the previous year, Futures has increased its training volume. “We are taking some training as we are conducting training sessions in Ganghwa Island in the morning, afternoon and night. When I was young, I thought that unless I go through such training sessions, I would not be able to beat a senior in the first team, and the team also agreed with me, so I plan to continue training intensely in Taiwan as well,” Son said. “Futures players need to make more preparations to win the competition with top-tier players.”

Then, what is the direction of development this season? Coach Son said, “We plan to strengthen the education of psychological and mental theories with the biomarkers. In the case of biomarkers, if the players do not understand the kinematics, they will not be able to recognize the points they need to train. Training without understanding is difficult to produce an effect because it is close to repetition.”

“The training must be conducted by understanding and thinking for yourself in terms of kinematic mechanics. To this end, strength coaches are collaborating with existing training coaches to prepare well for the use of bio-mechanics,” he said. “We are currently providing mental programs and part-specific routine theoretical training in between training days. Theoretically, we are paying attention to enhancing the players’ understanding.”

SSG’s biggest task in the 2024 season is to find the main first and second basemen. The Futures team is also working hard. “Players Jeon Eui-san, Ko Myung-joon and Kim Sung-min, who prepared for the closing first basemen, are now in competition,” Son Si-heon said. Second basemen Ahn Sang-hyun, Choi Jun-woo and Kim Chan-hyung are at the team’s first base camp, and they also have a lot of resources for second basemen at Futures. Young players here also have a lot of potential, and I especially want to make sure that infielders can play any position without limiting their positions. “The veteran Kang Jin-sung, who is working hard enough to join the first base position, is preparing well,” Son said.

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