Former New York Mets general manager Billy Eppler will be suspended until the end of the World Series

Former New York Mets general manager Billy Eppler was suspended by the Major League Baseball (MLB) secretariat for falsifying documents to list players on the injured list (IL).

The MLB Secretariat said on the 10th (Korea Standard Time), “Former general manager Eppler cannot work at the MLB club until the end of the 2024 World Series,” adding, “Eppler instructed the team’s staff to ‘manipulate injury-related documents.’마카오토토

The Associated Press explained, “The expedient called ‘Ghost Injured (IL) list’ was used quite often by MLB teams in the past. Eppler is the first to be disciplined in connection with this.”

MLB should go through the “wait-for-release” process when a player on its big league roster is dropped to the Minor League. In this process, a player can be nominated to another club.

In addition, he also put a player who could play on the IL due to a contractual relationship that was not informed to the outside world, avoiding relegation to the minor league.

Former general manager Eppler was accused of manipulating documents related to injuries to seven players in order to free up the movement of the team.

The MLB Secretariat concluded, “The Mets owner and others did not intervene in the forgery of documents. Former general manager Eppler ordered the employees on his own.”

The Associated Press reported, “No Mets employee has been disciplined in this incident.”

Eppler took over as Mets front office in November 2021 and resigned in October last year.

At that time, the reason for the dismissal was interpreted as “poor performance,” but the MLB Secretariat was already investigating former General Manager Eppler on charges of “forging IL-related documents.”

The Mets have reportedly already paid Eppler the salary until 2025, which they originally signed.

Eppler said in a statement, “I have sincerely complied with the MLB investigation. I accept the decision.”

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