“I want to finish the camp in the first team”… “SSG 1R Rookie” who challenged his seniors

Will rookie Park Ji-hwan, who has become a member of SSG Landers, be able to revitalize the fielders.

At the 2024 KBO rookie draft held in September last year, SSG selected Park Ji-hwan as the 10th overall pick in the first round. Park Ji-hwan is an infielder who graduated from Gunsan Middle School and was selected to the WBSC U-18 baseball World Cup team last year.월카지노

Park Ji-hwan was evaluated as the biggest fish among fielders who participated in last year’s draft, and was noted as a future main fielder with three beats of ball, speed, and week. He performed well with his excellent contact ability in batting and showed excellent throwing ability with his strong shoulders in defense.

Park Ji-hwan, who is currently training at Ganghwa SSG Futures Field, said, “I focused on weight training under the systematic guidance of my training coach. I thought he was definitely different from an amateur. Through systematic training methods, I gained knowledge about baseball-specific muscles and was able to train core muscles that I needed for movement well.”

How did you feel about your first off-season as a professional player? “As I trained with other team members, I was a bit nervous compared to when I was an amateur,” Park said. “The Futures team trained a lot recently, but I exercised a lot when I was an amateur, so I am keeping up with the training well.” The coaches also give me a lot of advice on defense and batting, so I am paying attention to both sides. “The more I experience this, the more fun I have and I feel more,” Park said.

“First of all, I think Ganghwa Island has good facilities. The accommodation facilities are good and the food is delicious. When I rest, I use a room by myself, so I can fully rest, and I think it is an environment where I can train hard because the distance between the accommodation and the training site is close,” he said, expressing satisfaction.

After undergoing drastic changes to the coaching staff of the Futures League and the Futures League ahead of this season, coach Lee expressed his willingness to provide as many opportunities as possible to younger players. Players who are currently in the Futures League rather than the top team can be called to the team at any time.

“I think (the club’s declaration of infinite competition) definitely motivates me,” Park said. “I want to work as hard as I can and do well in my heart so that I can get hurt quickly if I over-face or try to do it too well, so take enough time to look away.” Oh Joon-hyuk, the batting coach, helped me use enough of my strength, rather than trying too hard, and Watanabe, the defensive coach, talked about learning how to handle with my body.”

He didn’t forget to mention his strengths and weaknesses. “I think hitting is definitely my strength. I am confident in my shoulders in defense,” Park said. “Coach Son Si-heon told me to make up for this as I tend to exert too much effort right before throwing. I want to ask my coach for help in batting and defense during the camp and fill in the gaps one by one.”

When SSG announced its new brand identity (BI) and uniform last month, Park made himself known as an away uniform model. Standing with Kim Kwang-hyun in his home uniform drew attention, which also means that SSG has high expectations for Park.

First of all, Park’s biggest goal at this point is to finish preparing for the season in a healthy manner. “Especially, I want to finish the end of the camp in the first team. My first goal is to join the first team in Taiwan, and I want to join the first team regardless of the result,” Park said

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