‘Carefully’ Peach Clock, ABS, Base Size Expanded… SSG’s detailed camp stands out

At this spring camp, SSG Landers sought ways to cope with changes in KBO league rules and improved the facilities of Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, USA, laying the foundation for a successful season.

First, SSG created a campground environment similar to the actual game in order to quickly adapt to this season when pitch clocks, ABS introduction and base size expansion are applied. Subsequently, the overall campsite facilities such as bullpen pitch fields and team accommodation were improved to promote optimal training.핑크알바

In preparation for the pitch clock, bullpen pitching and in-field timers have been installed to create an environment where players can experience the pitching clock in advance. Timers for the left and right sides of the catcher and the center fence of the outfield have been installed in the stadium to allow pitchers, catchers, and batters to experience the pitching clock. “It was good to be able to check the interim time of pitching through the timer. I am trying to take the pitching tempo quickly in the future and try to reduce small movements,” Oh Won-seok said.

SSG supports pitch design and automatic pitching determination system (ABS) using cutting-edge equipment. It introduces “Potterable Trackman” and “Ezertronic High-Speed Camera,” which were not available in previous camps, to design pitches for pitchers using tracking data. “Potterable Trackman” features portable trackman equipment that enables the team to check tracking data, which could only be checked at stadiums, in real time at camp sites. This enables more efficient training by checking pitchers’ release points and ball movement/location/rotation speed.

In addition, the “Ezertronic High-Speed Camera” can shoot up to 10,000 frames per second, which is effective in identifying pitchers’ pitching movements and uses them for biomecanical analysis. In addition, it can identify the location of the pitch, providing an experience for players to adapt in advance by checking the ABS strike zone, which is scheduled to be introduced in the future.

Under the guidance of pitcher coach Bae Young-soo, pitchers are continuously trying various types of grips to find the optimal grip by combining a comfortable feeling and video/movement data. Oh Won-seok and Park Min-ho use changeups, and Moon Seung-won uses change of grip on fastballs.

As the base size is expanded, the enlarged base is installed in the stadium and used for base training by experiencing it in advance. In addition, as base play becomes important as the base size is expanded, coaches perform base training by displaying the shape of the thermal cross (十) on the base and intuitively inform the players of the base touch spot according to the situation.

“As base size expands, aggressive base running has become more important. We are training from the basics so that players can play optimal base running according to situations,” coach Cho Dong-hwa said. “Good base running is necessary. We are helping players by using web hard so that they can watch analysis on their power anytime on their smartphones,” coach Lim Jae-hyun said.

Training facilities and convenience facilities for the team have also been partially improved. As a bullpen session room where up to six pitchers can pitch, the team has newly renovated pitchers such as mound and fence to provide superior level of convenience to the team. In addition, the team has newly replaced beds and furniture in its lodging facilities to improve the team’s resting conditions.

In addition, the team will provide data on the players participating in the spring camp in the form of a “bookbook” to the coaching staff. It contains data on the analysis of “tracking data” on about 40 major players and the analysis of “biomechanics” perspective on performance deviations. Analysts say that joining the new coaching staff will help improve understanding of the team’s players.

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