“I’m trying hard to raise 1km…” Won Tae-in said, “I’m really upset by the underestimation of the speed.”

“I’m really upset if I have to take 3 to 4 kilometers less than I have to take up 1 kilometer. Broadcasting companies’ speed guns are unbelievable. We really need to improve.”라바카지노도메인

“Blue Blood Ace” Won Tae-in (Samsung) made the comment on the underestimation of his speed.

Won Tae-in, who was a guest commentator for the Samsung-Junichi match held at Akama Ball Park in Okinawa, Japan on the 11th, said, “Pitchers are underrated because there is a big difference between the measured speed of the team and the speed of the text broadcast.”

The speed that KBO collects, the measurement speed of the team’s power analysis team, the measurement speed of broadcasters, and the speed of electronic display boards are all different. This is because the speed is measured using different equipment in slightly different locations. This is due to different characteristics and locations of stadiums, and equipment differences.

The KBO uses Sports 2I’s pitch tracking system (PTS) and most clubs, including Samsung, use the trackman system. PTS is based on camera shooting and Trackman is based on laser measurement. In general, trackman comes out faster than PTS.

In the case of Major League Baseball, this problem does not occur as the equipment is integrated into one. KBO is pushing to build an integrated data system. Last year, Trackman was selected as the system operator, but it was not finally achieved. Until KBO’s integrated data system is established, such controversy is expected to continue.

“Daegu (Daegu Samsung Lions Park) and Suwon (Suwon KT Wiz Park) have the least speed. It’s not an excuse, but there is a gap of about 4-5 kilometers when the speed is low. I have an average speed of 147 kilometers per trackman for three consecutive years, but the speed of some broadcasters is only around the early 140 kilometers,” Won said.

“I throw about 140 kilometers per hour, but the speed that I get in the speed gun at an international competition is always my speed. Not only me but also many pitchers suffer damage due to poor speed of broadcasting companies,” he said. “The average speed of a trackman is the most accurate, but as a pitcher (because of poor speed), I am really upset. I am really upset if I get 3 to 4 kilometers less than I do to raise 1 kilometer.”

Meanwhile, Samsung, which finished with the lowest ERA among the 10 baseball teams last year, has started to strengthen its pitching efforts by recruiting Kim Jae-yoon and Lim Chang-min. “I have so many good seniors coming here that I can rely on and learn a lot from them, and I am looking forward to seeing many positive factors,” Won said. “I am now able to play baseball that I follow this season. I am sure that I will have a much better performance than last year.”

Samsung recruited David MacKinnon instead of Jose Pirella, a foreign hitter who played for three years from 2021. Wontae welcomed the addition of a strong winning helper. “I saw MacKinnon’s batting training, and he looks like he will hit well. He has a good feeling,” Wontae said. “He is similar to Darin Ruff, the fourth batter of Samsung.”

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