“Time to get to know Korean traditions”… Kiwoom spent the Lunar New Year holiday with food + yutnori

Kiwoom Heroes had a meaningful Lunar New Year holiday at Arizona Spring Camp.

On the 9th (local time), on the day of the Lunar New Year’s Day, Kiwoom’s team shared New Year’s greetings by eating rice cake soup and holiday food served as a special meal before training.

After finishing the training, four groups including pitcher group, fielder group, coaching staff and field staff enjoyed the game with $500 in prize money raised by manager Hong Won-ki. The field staff won the title after the final match against the fielder group.월카지노

The players who spent the Lunar New Year in other countries made video calls with their families in Korea to soothe the regret of not being able to spend the holidays together.

Foreign players expressed satisfaction with the time the team prepared. “I heard that Lunar New Year is a very special holiday for Koreans. I was happy and happy to be with my teammates on a meaningful day,” said batter Ronnie Dawson. “I want to spend next year’s Lunar New Year holiday with my teammates.”

New foreign pitcher Enmanuel de Heysus said, “Yutnori is the most memorable thing. I think I can do better next time,” adding, “The rice cake soup was delicious. It was a precious time to learn Korean culture and traditions.”

Kiwoom’s team, which has created a holiday atmosphere with rice cake soup and yutnori, will wrap up its camp in Arizona on the 14th and move to Taiwan, the site of the second spring camp, on the 15th. The team will continue its training at Border Qingpu Baseball Stadium in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, from the 18th to March 5th. It will play six practice games with Taiwanese professional baseball teams, including the Jungshin Brothers and the Tungyi Lions, to coordinate their sense of play.

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