Samsung’s ‘5 points-23 runs’ in Okinawa League for 2 consecutive years, getting vaccinations

Samsung lost to the Nippon-Ham Fighters 1-13 in a practice match held at Akama Ball Park in Okinawa, Japan, on the 12th. It has lost two consecutive games since the Chunichi Dragons match on the 11th. It lost 23 points in two games, but only gained five points. The margin of gain and loss amounts to -18 points.꽁머니사이트

All of the five starting pitchers in his first appearance were below expectations. Hwang, who started the match against Chunichi on Sunday, had two hits, four walks, and five runs (three earned) in one inning.

Left-hander Lee Seung-hyun was the starting pitcher for Nippon-Ham on Sunday, and was shaken by allowing one hit, three walks, two strikeouts and three runs (one earned) in two ⅓ innings. Left-hander Choi Chae-heung was on the mound as the third pitcher, but gave up four hits, four walks, one strikeout and four runs (two earned) in two innings.

If you look at the results alone, you may be full of worries, but the Okinawa League, or practice games, are just a preparation process for the regular season.

They were mired in losing consecutive games, but they were not without income. Young players who will take responsibility for the future of the Lions must have felt a lot while confronting high-quality Japanese players. They can learn more from losing games.

“Players worked hard all winter and it’s their first real game,” catcher Kang Min-ho said. “It’s a good opportunity to test what they prepared for themselves, rather than winning or losing.” “When I meet a Japanese team during spring camp, the pitchers are very good in both pitching and control. It’s not easy to hit, but it helps if you see a difficult ball in a practice game,” he added.

“It was my first practice match at the spring camp,” coach Park Jin-man said after the Chunichi match on Sunday. “As I have been training every day, I still have poor sense of practice,” he said. “I will try to improve my sense of practice through practice matches and identify and supplement my shortcomings.”

Infielder Ryu Ji-hyuk said, “You have to make a lot of mistakes, hit a lot of pitchers, and give up a walk through a practice game at a spring camp in Japan so that you feel lacking and necessary,” adding, “You can practice more based on what you feel.”

There is definitely a reason for its defeat. Samsung had to find a reason, prescribe it, and convert it into a stimulant for its leap forward. Fans do not need to be disappointed already after losing the Okinawa League title for two consecutive years. As mentioned earlier, we need to wait more thoroughly as it is only a preparation process.

Regardless of the event, the best fan service is victory. Players should also keep in mind that they should repay their fans with good results so that their trust is not wasted.

Meanwhile, Samsung will play its third practice match against Chiba Lotte Marines at Itoman Stadium on the 14th.

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