Yomiuri’s Ace Fork Ball Absorption… Hanwha Left-Wanded Pil Seung-jo “There’s a Mountain” Confidence

This is my 10th year as a professional. I didn’t even hesitate to learn. I look forward to 2024 when Kim Bum-soo of the Hanwha Eagles took another leap forward.고소득알바

Kim Bum-soo and Doosan Bears’ Lee Young-ha prepared for the season with Yomiuri Giants players such as Shosei Togo in Miyazaki, Japan, last month. Kim Bum-soo said, “I heard that outsiders are not allowed to enter the training of the Yomiuri Giants, but they were also surprised there. Jung Chang-yong of Team Futures’ national team had a good opportunity to be with coach Shinnosuke Abe since Lee Seung-yeop was an interpreter.”

Togo, who joined the Yomiuri Giants in 2019, is a pitcher representing the Yomiuri Giants and the Japanese league, and he played 609 ⅔ in 96 games for five seasons until last year, maintaining his team’s mound with 43 wins and 27 losses with a 2.98 ERA. In 2022 and last year, he served as an ace with 12 wins and 170 innings for two consecutive years, and also played in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) as a winning member.

Although Togo was born in 2000 and is five years younger than Kim, Kim actively communicated with Togo by asking him questions. “Togo is Yomiuri’s first starting pitcher and he is also Japan’s best pitcher. I thought the fork ball would fit him well because his arm-throwing was similar to mine, and I asked him seriously, but he gladly informed me.”

The folk ball that Togo taught him continues to practice in the spring camp, and absorbs it into his own. “I think I can use it well with what I’ve thrown so far,” Kim said. The coaches also say it wraps well in their hands. “I think I have a good chance of winning if I keep up with the current situation,” he said.

Kim Bum-soo, who has been steadily on the upward curve in his performance throughout the recent season, has pitched more than 60 innings just with the bullpen for three consecutive years. In particular, he played more than 76 games for the second consecutive year with 78 games and 76 games in 2022. Considering that most of Kim Bum-soo’s pitching conditions are tight, the number could be quite burdensome.

However, Kim Bum-soo said, “I didn’t feel any pressure because I kept throwing it. There are a lot of sick people at the end of the season, but I had confidence that I was not sick, so I thought I could play again.”

Looking back on the past season, he said, “It wasn’t an outstanding season. I thought about how to change with the pitching coach, and I’ve been running them since the individual camp,” adding, “It’s going better than I thought. I think it’ll be better than last year if I don’t get sick and don’t overdo it.”

When asked about his goals for this season, he said, “Going to fall baseball is a priority. The team invested, and good players came. I think the team needs to get together well in order to play fall baseball,” and added, “It’s important to open your ears and open your mind. If you accept what you lack, and approach and ask without hesitation, and change again, I think you will make a better appearance.”

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