“Who’s coming?” The Australian camp, where expectations and anxiety coexisted, wanted coach Lee Bum-ho

The KIA Tigers appointed a 42-year-old young coach Lee Bum-ho as its 11th head coach. Looking back at the process of appointing a coach, one can see that he was on his way to becoming a coach Lee Bum-ho. The first criterion for appointing a new coach was that he was a person who knew Kia well. That’s why the team decided to appoint Lee based on internal appointment rather than external recruitment.

Ahead of the spring camp, former coach Kim Jong-kook suddenly stepped down due to unfavorable circumstances. He entered the camp without a head. The team said, “External recruitment coach will not have enough time to identify players.” Since former coach Sun Dong-yeol and former coach Lee Jong-beom, who had been rumored to have been away from KIA for more than 10 years, it will take time to figure out players’ propensity and skills.핑크알바

Lee is a very familiar figure to players. Since he was active until 2019, there are still players who treated him like brothers. After retirement, he worked as a scout and power analyst during the 2020 season. He coached the Futures team for one year in 2021. It was time to identify young players in the Futures team. He spent two years as a batting coach in the first division starting from the 2022 season.

“I know all the conditions of players’ fingers and toes,” Lee said with a smile. The same applies to players. Lee Bum-ho, who has been with Lee for 13 years, knows his tendencies and philosophy well and has trust in him. He has established himself as a reasonable and ungovernable leader since he was a player. The team will be able to reduce waste of time and trial and error caused by players and coaches trying to match each other’s frequencies.

This year, KIA is considered a favorite to win the championship. Analysts say that the pitching and hitting record is the most well-organized since winning the title in 2017. Players are also preparing for the season more fully than ever, thinking that it is the right time to win the title this year. However, given that Lee Bum-ho is a novice coach, there is clearly a view that concerns about a setback in his “Win-Now” move. What offsets this is that the coach and the players know each other well.

While training at the Canberra camp, players were paying keen attention to who would be appointed as the coach. They must have been hordes of people who liked and disliked the candidates mentioned in the media. Perhaps, it was a time when expectations and anxiety about a new coach coexisted. As the team finally announced Lee Bum-ho, players were welcoming him. A source at the Australian camp said, “Players are welcoming him.” This means that anxiety about unfamiliar coaches has disappeared, and expectations for familiar coaches are increasing.

Most of the fans are rooting for the establishment of the Lee Bum-ho system. All the members are expected to join forces to win the 12th championship following the 2017 season. Manager Lee, who knows the hearts of such fans better than anyone else, said, “I will create an atmosphere like this where players are enjoying baseball. That way, I will do my best and achieve good results.” I will advance to the Korean Series and challenge myself to win the championship.

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