Framing master Yoo Kang-nam preparing for the ABS era, “We need to catch it more deliciously.”

Lotte Giants’ Yoo Kang-nam (32) is considered one of the best catchers with the technique of moving the mitts, or framing, to get a favorable ball judgment. He led the ball count fight by making a hard-to-decide ball strike across the border line and helped pitchers on the mound.꽁머니사이트

It is questionable whether Yoo Kang-nam will be able to display his framing ability in the upcoming 2024 season. The Korea Baseball Organization is introducing the Automatic Ball-Strike System (ABS). A dedicated camera installed at a baseball stadium sets strike zones for each batter based on fixed location information such as home plate, and determines the strike and ball by identifying the trajectory of the ball. The umpire now wears reception equipment and makes a call after receiving the result.

KBO said, “Regardless of the position or method of the catcher’s port, the strike is determined by whether it has passed by meeting the top, bottom, left, and right criteria.” The S zone left and right standards will be applied by expanding both sides of the home plate by 2cm, and the top and bottom will reflect the height ratio of each player. The top standard is 56.35% of the player’s height and the bottom is 27.64%.

Yoo does not take the changes brought about by the introduction of the ABS lightly. “I played one game in 2020 when automatic ball judgment was just piloted in the Futures League. I was late to make the decision, and high balls thrown by an underhander were generally ruled strikes,” Yoo said. “As far as I know, many things have been supplemented by ABS. It is also welcome that the consistent application of the S-zone results in fairness. However, once you experience the new S-zone, you will not have to feel anything. Not only ABS but also base size expansion and defensive shift restrictions will be introduced all at once, so you will have to deal with the confusion.”

Even if the ball thrown by the pitcher is ruled strike by ABS, the position of the catcher at the time may seem to be significantly out of the S-zone. In fact, in the ABS adaptation training conducted against the judges in December last year, the bound ball received a strike call.

Yoo Kang-nam said, “The ball that was caught in an odd position or in a strange position could be given a strike. I am also worried about what baseball fans would think of such a scene.”

Some predict that when the era of robot judges arrives, the technology to mislead judges with so-called “meat quality” will be meaningless. “The catcher’s biggest task is to make the pitcher feel comfortable. Stable pitching is very important,” Yoo Kang-nam said in a calm manner.

“Players say that catching the ball to the end of the meet is ‘tick’,” he said. As there will be things that turn into ABS, players should not try to catch the ball tick-ticker, and pay more attention to catch the ball more ‘deliciously’ than before. It will be important to hold the ball accurately in the pocket (the part of the palm where the ball goes in the meet). This means that he will not be conscious of the decision, but will lead the pitcher to pitch in good spirits.

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