It’s just a practice game? A festival! The popularity of the prestigious giant army is always hot, and Samsung also had a good rehearsal

At a practice game between the Samsung Lions and the Yomiuri Giants of Japan`s pro baseball team held at Naha Cellular Stadium in Okinawa, Japan on Wednesday. The two teams are preparing for the 2024 season.핑크알바

The Yomiuri Giants faced off on the day, which is Japan’s most popular and prestigious baseball team, 38 times in the Central League and 22 times in the Japanese Series. Marking its 90th anniversary this year since its foundation in 1934, the team is preparing for this season with more enthusiasm than ever. Coach Tatsunori Hara stepped down, and legend Shinnosuke Abe took the helm.

As the most popular baseball team played a practice game in Okinawa, local baseball fans, including Yomiuri fans, flocked to the cellular stadium. All seats were occupied except for limited seats. There were no empty seats. Several Japanese reporters also came.

In addition, the stadium was so full that it could not be considered that a general practice match was held. Food trucks were lined up so that people could see it with food, and the goods store where people could buy Yomiuri-related products was also crowded with Yomiuri fans. In addition, Yomiuri players had a meaningful time by greeting the players before the game began.

Right before the game began, cheerleaders also performed to Psy’s “Gangnam Style.” It was consideration for a small number of Samsung fans. They also installed electric boards for fans who could not enter the stadium or roam around the stadium. The real-time game between Samsung and Yomiuri was broadcast.

As such, the game between Samsung and Yomiuri was not just a practice game. It was a festival where everyone enjoyed baseball as a medium.

Samsung also had a good rehearsal. Most of its fans rooted for the Yomiuri Giants. It is a great honor to be able to play in an away game in the regular season where enthusiastic fans are present. Especially with so many young players who are not on mainstream now, it was a great opportunity to de-escalate the tension just before the season starts.

After the game, outfielder Kim Hyun-joon said, “Many Yomiuri fans came to the stadium. The Yomiuri fans are amazing, but I also thank the Samsung fans for coming all the way. I feel once again that Samsung fans are the best. I hope to meet with Samsung fans as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, Samsung has lost five consecutive practice matches. It lost 3-11.

Lee Seung-hyun, a candidate for the fifth starting pitcher, did well in three innings, allowing three hits, one walk and two runs. However, the bullpen pitcher seemed disappointing. Hong Seung-won (one run in 1.1 innings), Lee Seung-min (three runs in 1.2 innings, two earned), Hong Jung-woo (one earned), Kim Tae-hoon (two earned runs in one inning), and Lee Seung-hyun (two earned runs in one inning) all showed signs of abating. Considering that the game was a practice game, the game continued through the bottom of the ninth inning even though the Yomiuri Giants’ victory was confirmed.

In the lineup, Kim Ji-chan had three hits, Kim Hyun-joon had one hit and three RBIs, and Kim Sung-yoon and Kang Min-ho also hit hits, but they failed to beat Yomiuri.

Samsung will take a day off on Wednesday. It will hold a practice match with Hanshin Tigers at Kinosa Stadium in Okinawa. It will play against Nippon Ham on Wednesday and wrap up a practice match with the Japanese team. It will then play practice matches with the Hanwha Eagles, Lotte Giants, and KIA Tigers entering Okinawa, before arriving in Korea on March 6.

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