“The Age of Hyon” is back… “Left Hand Troika” is coming up again

He once reigned supreme on the mound as a professional baseball player with brilliant fastballs. After joining the national team, he elevated the stature of the Korean baseball team by banking on his spirit of sacrifice. After dominating the domestic league, he advanced to the Major League and intensified his fighting spirit.유흥알바

Ryu Hyun-jin (37), a “left-handed troika” in his mid-30s, and Kim Kwang-hyun (36, SSG) and Yang Hyun-jong (36, Kia) have the same thing in common. Three veteran left-handed pitchers representing Korea will finally meet again in the KBO League. As Ryu Hyun-jin, who played in the Major League until last year, decided to return to the Hanwha Eagles, baseball fans are looking forward to the day when the trio will play on the mound.

Kim Kwang-hyun, who debuted the following year in 2007, became the main player of the SK Wyverns as he was active in the Korean Series that year. Yang Hyun-jong, who debuted in 2007 as a member of the KIA Tigers, did not stand out at first, but he recorded 12 wins in 2009 to lay the groundwork for his unified victory.

The three pitchers, who appeared splendidly, built their respective domains with the same but different charms. Ryu opened the era of left-handed troika with his slick management, Kim Kwang-hyun with wildness like a runaway train, and Yang Hyun-jong with constant stability. Fans filled the stands whenever they took the mound.

They also displayed outstanding performance as a member of the Korean national team. Not only did they play in different seasons, but they always wore the national flag whenever the national anthem was sung, raising the stature of the Korean baseball in international competitions. Young juniors developed their dream of becoming a baseball player by watching Ryu Hyun-jin, Kim Kwang-hyun, and Yang Hyun-jong struggling.

Both of them played in the Major League in common. Ryu moved to the Major League in 2013 and played for the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Toronto Blue Jays. Kim Kwang-hyun and Yang Hyun-jong also joined the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers, showing off their power as left-handed aces.

However, they cannot go against the trend of time. Due to injury, Ryu has not played in many games over the past two years. In 2022, he pitched just 27 innings in six games, and last year, he pitched just 11 games and 52 innings. He sought to extend his contract in the Major League, but failed to win a free agent contract due to such issues in the end.

Kim Kwang-hyun and Yang Hyun-jong also declined as their pitching power declined from last year. Both players failed to garner 10 wins last year, recording nine wins each. Kim Kwang-hyun pitched 168 1/3 innings last year, and Yang also played 171 innings.

The left-handed troika that emerged in the spotlight in the late 2000s is now in its late 30s. Ball power is not as good as it used to be, but its experiences and records are still shining as far as veteran players’ records are concerned. This season’s professional baseball league will likely intensify competition between the three left-handed starters, who are burning their last flame in the twilight years.

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