Ung Ji Se Stage Baseball Team Dreaming of Hope in the Crisis of Dismantling

Woongji Tax University has a baseball team. It was founded in March last year and caused a stir in college baseball from its first year. It went all the way to the finals at the Gyeonggi Baseball Association’s long-term and national sports competition competition held in late July. Although it failed to pass the championship threshold after losing to Sungkyunkwan University, the future of the Woongji Stage was rosy. “There were not a few players who played in places other than their positions due to lack of fielders,” a college baseball official said. “If freshmen fielders are reinforced, we can aim for the championship next year.”꽁머니사이트

Bad news spread to the Ung Ji-se Theater. The disbandment of the baseball team surfaced in late November last year in the process of converting from a three-year system to a four-year system and merging four departments into one department to avoid the government’s selection of insolvent universities. “We are making efforts in various ways to prevent the team from being disbanded,” said Ung Ji-se Theater manager Yoo Young-joon. “It has been said that the team will survive until 2025, when existing players graduate without receiving new students.”

Although the team has overcome its crisis, it is impossible to inject new students into the team, and thus it is regrettable that the team is strengthening its capacity. The depth of fielders is thin. “The pitching staff has a thick depth to a certain extent, but they are not fielders,” said second-year pitcher Park Seo-jin. “If there are injured players, it is difficult to manage the season. It is important for fielders to play baseball without getting hurt.”

He suffers from a double whammy that makes it difficult to strengthen his team’s strength due to the crisis of dismantling the team, but his teamwork has become stronger. “We are in a crisis of disbanding the team, but the unity of the players is second to none,” said second-year outfielder Jung Seung-gu, who took over as captain this year. “I think a good process can lead to good results.”

Last year’s college league team had four wins and nine losses. Although the winning percentage (0.308) remained at the .300 level, it is not a bad performance considering that the team is mostly based on freshmen. “There were many cases where I was ahead of the team or played on an equal footing until the middle of the game, and collapsed at the last minute,” catcher Han Dong-ha, who is the only junior in the team, said. “As I have gained experience in games over the past year, I expect to achieve better results this year.”

As the fielders are not thick, fierce competition for positions is hard to expect. Anyone can play, so it is easy to fall into mannerisms. “In order to get a draft pick anyway, we have no choice but to compete with other team players. I am working with a mindset that I compete with other team players in the same position rather than competition within the team,” said second-year catcher Jeon Sung-hyun.

Since Lee Soo-joong’s time, Yoo Young-joon has been known as a leader who introduces a scientific and professional development system by going to Japan and Taiwan whenever he has time to check the practice methods of the Ama team and the professional team. Jung Seung-gu said, “The coach served as acting coach and second-tier coach at the NC Dinos, so the practice and management of players is systematic,” and emphasized, “I don’t regret entering the stage of Woongji because I can grow in the system.” In addition, most of the players said, “The past year has been a time to listen to college lectures and grow into a member of society, not just baseball.”

Players hope that the baseball team will be able to overcome the crisis of being disbanded if they achieve better results and make their school name known to the public. I hope that the players will be able to sweat as much tomorrow as they did yesterday and today.

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