KT manager Lee Kang-chul said, “The 5th starter candidate is….” He will solve the task at the 2nd camp

Lee Kang-chul, manager of KT who joined the second spring camp, said, “I have a task to find the fifth starter as well as players’ sense of play in the remaining camp. Who did Lee pay attention to.

He said he would not limit the number of starting players to just one. “We will not use only one starting player as the fifth starting player,” Lee said when he met the team ahead of a spring camp training session at Gin Stadium in Okinawa, Japan on Monday. “We will not use one starting player as the fifth starting player. Several players will take turns. I hope the players show good performance.”핑크알바

In May last year, Cho took surgery to link tendon in his elbow, leaving him vacant in the starting lineup. Since it takes more than a year on average to take the mound after surgery, he still has to find the starting position for the fifth player.

“Sho will be able to return to the team around July. However, he will have to take care of himself when he comes back,” Lee said. “He will be able to turn around five days by the end of the season. Eventually, several starting players for the fifth season will have to take turns. There are substitutes this year.”

Won, Lee Chae-ho, and Kim Min-soo were selected as candidates for the fifth starting pitcher. Won, in particular, joined KT as the seventh most promising player in the first round this year.

“Players who are in charge of starting the fifth round only need to block three to four innings per game, not five innings per game. I will try this before I have a stable card for starting the fifth round,” he said.

He also expressed his expectations for Kang Baek-ho.

“If Baekho does well this year, his batting lineup will be strong,” Lee said. Kang has maintained a three-stroke average of over 330% for three consecutive years since 2019. However, attention is declining due to repeated injuries and sluggish performances.

“I don’t like Rojas very much,” he joked, referring to his return to KT after a four-year hiatus. “I’m not worried about Rojas. Do you have any records you’ve built up so far? I’ve experienced Japanese baseball, and I can see that I still have long balls. In that respect, I’m not worried,” he said.

Rojas is one of the best foreign hitters in the KBO League in the 2020 season. In the same year, he hit 47 home runs (0.680 slugging percentage).

What is the evaluation of Park Young-hyun, who was chosen as the closing pitcher for this season.

“He is a player that I can trust and use in terms of his ability. He is young but strong in spirit,” Lee said. “Young players including Park played many innings last season. I think he will do well. I have a good replacement for Young-hyun if he is having a hard time.”

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