There are a lot of key hitters in KIA, but there is no ‘designated hitter rotation’? I’m looking forward to OK ‘Lee Bum-ho’s Wisdom’ because he’s this player

In modern baseball, most teams have a designated hitter rotation. This means that the existing batters are designated as designated batters in order to maintain their physical strength, rather than having a fixed hitter. In the meantime, the backup fielder will enter the batter’s original position.핑크알바

Of course, the main hitter can take a good rest for a day to prepare for physical stamina. However, if a batter has good sense of hitting, playing defense by utilizing designated hitter will greatly improve physical stamina. As a result, sluggers who are not good at defense these days have become almost no longer “fixed designated hitters.” Unless they are in the twilight of their final years in active duty, sluggers who do not have strong defense capability will not be able to survive.

The Kia Tigers is an exception. Choi Hyung-woo (41), who is known as the best clutch heater in the KBO League, is here. Choi had a slump in 2021 and 2022, but he proved that he did not die in 2023 and the 40-year-old season.

Choi Hyung-woo has been a designated hitter for KIA since some time ago. He was a left fielder who had relatively little defense burden even during his prime, but the team still uses him only as a designated hitter in consideration of his commitment to hitting. If Choi performs well, Kia can offset the benefits it gets from its rotation as a designated hitter. It did so last year and will do so again this year.

What’s interesting is that Kia is awash with good fielders who can play as starting pitchers throughout last year and this season. In this case, Kia is set to provide even one more hitting opportunity by utilizing the designated hitter system. However, due to Choi’s presence, Kia has no other choice. Young batters, who fail to get a chance to play defense, cannot make a leap forward to become starting pitchers.

Kia has many “backup key players,” which is commonly referred to. Outfielders Ko Jong-wook, Lee Woo-sung, and Lee Chang-jin are representative players. They were appointed as key players when fielders were injured in the line-up for key players last year, and laid foundation for their team to counterattack in the second half of this year. Promising young guns such as Byun Woo-hyuk, Park Min, Yoon Do-hyun, and Jeong Hae-won, and Seo Geon-chang, former MVP. Some Hwang Dae-in couldn’t make it to the primary league camp. There are also many players in their home turf who need to take full advantage of opportunities, such as Han Seung-taek, Han Jun-su, and Joo Hyo-sang, to gain experience in the field. All of them are not strange at all when they play as key players, either immediately or for a long time. 

Coach Lee Bum-ho’s method of using the fielder is drawing attention. It would be great if he could set up a designated hitter rotation to motivate backups and arrange physical strength for veteran key players without actually using the designated hitter rotation. If you lead the process smoothly, it’s like proving another qualification as a leader.

In any case, Kia has to make a head-to-head breakthrough. Its batters are the strongest in the league, but there is a task to find next-generation jockeys and next-generation big guns and solvers for its next generation. There is no reason or justification for Lee Bum-ho, a two-year manager, to complete this task forcefully. Even if he wants to, he cannot do it within two years. Instead, he will naturally make a breakthrough.

After taking the helm, Lee stressed to the players to play baseball as much as they want. Instead, it is the manager’s responsibility to catch the ball and reflect it in the actual game. The time is approaching for Lee to display “Solomon’s Wisdom.” It is expected that baseball stadium and style will naturally be revealed.

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