It was a spare, but he decided to take the mound on an impromptu basis, and his seed was different.” The national hitter also fell in love with the Bears’ monster rookie boldness

The national hitter also gave a thumbs up to Doosan Bears monster rookie. Doosan rookie pitcher Kim Taek-yeon made an impressive pitch in the game against the Seibu Lions in the old season. Although the preliminary game group was not decided, the Doosan bench decided on Kim Taek-yeon’s appearance on the spot. The result was an escape from the ‘KK’ walk-off crisis.핑크알바

Kim Taek-yeon pitched in the bottom of the ninth inning of the game against the Seibu Lions in the 2024 Kushun tournament at Sunmarin Stadium in Miyazaki, Japan, on February 27 and recorded one hit, two strikeouts and no runs in one inning.

On the day, Doosan selected Kim Taek-yeon as its last pitcher in the bottom of the ninth inning with a score of 4-4. Kim made his official debut on Feb. 24 at Softbank’s second-tier match, with no hits, three strikeouts, and perfect pitching in one inning. However, a crisis hit Kim Taek-yeon on the day.

Taking the mound in the bottom of the ninth inning, Kim allowed a leadoff man error to get on the base, and was on the verge of finishing with runners on the first and third bases with one out as he had a heavy hit with runners on the first and second bases with one out. Kim Taek-yeon led the rookie strikeout with a powerful fastball thrown low by the follow-up batter. Kim swung and missed the last batter in crisis with runners on the second and third bases with two outs, and ended the game in a tie. Kim had a maximum speed of 151 km/h on the day.

“Since I was a finishing pitcher in my second year of high school, I have been taking the mound with the mindset that I can and should block my ball unconditionally,” Kim Taek-yeon told reporters after the game. It was the same today. I tried my best to block him somehow. As I was confident in my fastball, I agonized a bit when getting a hit. Still, I tried to secure the second out count and threw a low ball, but I felt good about strikeouts.”

Kim Taek-yeon was rather welcoming that the crisis came from the actual game. “I wanted to have a crisis like this in the actual camp,” Kim Taek-yeon said. Rather, I really wanted to experience it. It was a day of great experience. I was very satisfied to prevent it as a result in an important situation where it was a tie,” he said with a smile.

Manager Lee Seung-yeop also fell in love with Kim’s boldness. “Kim Taek-yeon played the role of a spare yesterday, so he wasn’t supposed to play,” Lee told reporters at Hisamine Stadium on Wednesday, a day after the game. Cho Woong-cheon, the coach of the Korean pitcher, said, “We decided to go with Taecyeon because it was a tie.” He felt that he had a bold personality, as he was not intimidated by the team’s poor performance at the end of the game and was able to check his ball. I thought he was a friend who possessed a lot at such a young age.”

Kim Taek-yeon has displayed so stable pitching that he can’t believe he is 18 years old. Manager Lee Seung-yeop even said, “He has a different seed.”

“I found nothing to be desired about what Kim Taek-yeon did during training or competitions. Even though she is 18 years old, I can feel that she has a different kind of personality. She certainly has the talent to become a star. She is setting her own goals well, and it will also be important for the bench and fellow players to help her,” Lee said with a nod.

In his two previous appearances, Kim has already shown that he has the ball power to play in the first division. Attention is focusing on whether he will be able to go beyond simply playing the role of a bullpen in the first division and seek to join the must-win group from his debut season.

“I can’t decide the position (of Kim Taek-yeon) by myself,” Lee said. The team should also consider opinions on pitching and training parts as well as its long-term development plans. It is important right now, but he is also a player who needs management to show good performance for a long time. I will have to wait and see until the exhibition game and make a careful decision.”

Doosan is one of the teams that stands out the most in the 2024 season. If Kim Taek-yeon, the youngest player, shows good adaptability from the spring camp, it is expected to deliver a positive butterfly effect to the entire team’s pitching group.

Manager Lee said, “I’m very sad that Choi Seung-yong couldn’t join me, but I think it’s encouraging to see some pitchers who can replace him. Even if he doesn’t start, there are many powerful pitchers who can throw in the middle. The lack of players in the bullpen is also complemented by the entry of Kim Taek-yeon. Senior pitchers are also nervous and expect a butterfly effect that makes our team stronger,” he said.

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