How dare you say “competition” to the last king of the world… I’m willing to accept it. “Because the team gets stronger.”

To Oh Seung-hwan (42) of the Samsung Lions, the word “competition” does not suit him. Since establishing himself as a closing pitcher, Oh has locked the door to Samsung. However, it is different this year. A competitor has emerged.핑크알바

This offseason, Samsung has made a massive bullpen reinforcement. In particular, the joining of players with finishing experience stands out.

Samsung signed Kim Jae-yoon and Lim Chang-min to a four-year FA contract worth a total of W5.8 billion and a two-year contract worth W800 million, respectively. Kim Jae-yoon and Lim Chang-min played as closers for KT and Kiwoom, respectively, until last season. In particular, Kim Jae-yoon has established himself as the league’s leading closer, surpassing 30 saves for the last three consecutive years. Lim Chang-min also finished in six seasons since 2017, earning 26 saves.

If Oh is added to that, the three players recorded a whopping 88 saves last season. Their total number of saves amounted to 691 in total.

As a result, attention is focusing on who will be the closing pitcher for Samsung. Of course, Oh Seung-hwan is leading the pack. Lim Chang-min is highly likely to be the setup man. It is a competition between Kim Jae-yoon and Oh Seung-hwan. However, Oh cannot be assured.

Coach Park Jin-man and pitcher coach Jung Min-tae clearly drew the line, saying, “There is nothing to be overlooked because you are old. Players in good condition come first.”

Oh Seung-hwan is willing to accept the “competition” even though he is the best finish in Korean baseball with an unexpected 400 saves.

“You can say it’s a competition, but in the end, I think there is a part where each player makes more effort for some good performance of this team,” he said. “I think I’m working harder to keep this position or everyone works so hard,” rather than “I should go somewhere and do this.” The team seems to be strengthening as invisible competition occurs. I think we’re getting all the good energy from each other.”

Oh Seung-hwan said, “Kim Jae-yoon and Lim Chang-min are new, and Yang Hoon and Choi Sung-won are here, and I think the atmosphere is good now because we talked a lot without being awkward.” “There will definitely be competition in it. Then the team will be strong now.”

What Oh calls competition? It’s not competition like that. It’s a healthy competition.

“It’s not like fierce competition and not talking to each other. They must have something in themselves. I have my own, too. I hate the way people around me look at me. I don’t want to hear about my age. I need to set a precedent like this so that I can become a better player,” he stressed.

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