Japanese Bad Boy Taisei Sekino “My Popularity Is Rising in Korea”… 2024 Domestic Combat Season Begins

Domestic martial arts organizations announced the first competition schedule of the new year, marking the beginning of the martial arts season.핑크알바

First of all, Double G FC, the largest martial arts organization in Korea, starts this season with a large-scale martial arts festival with standing martial arts organization Max FC.

Double GFC announced on the 5th that it will hold a joint event with MAX FC at Iksan Indoor Gymnasium on the 9th.

It is an event consisting of four standing martial arts games for MAX FC and three mixed martial arts games for Double G FC, and the entire game is played mainly in a cage for mixed martial arts, not a ring.

The main event will be held in the flyweight title match between Choi Seung-guk (28, Korean zombie MMA) and Hara Kotetsu (26, Japan).

Choi Seung-gook made his professional debut in 2018 and has accumulated 7 wins and 3 losses. He recently challenged Road to UFC and reached the final of season 1, but lost to Park Hyun-sung and then lost to China’s Jini Wu Xuye in the semifinals in season 2.

Hara Kotetsu’s total record is four wins and five losses. She drew attention by beating Toru Ogawa, a former Pancras champion, with a KO in 2022.

In addition, there will be a featherweight tentative title match between Seo Dong-hyun (33, Jeju Pinnacle MMA) and Lee Dokyeom (33, Free), a women’s bantamweight title match between Choi Jung-yoon (25, The Gym Lab) and Cherry & Roman (28, Philippines), and a -70.5kg lightweight match between Choi Won-jin (26, Yacha Club) and Park Jin (24, Team Young).

In the Max FC competition ahead of Double GFC on this day, a large number of former and current champions will participate, attracting many people’s attention.

In the super-middleweight integrated title match, Jang Beom-seok (28, Daegu Team Han Club), who became the provisional champion at the last MAXFC 24 competition, and Jung Sung-jik (33, Seoul PT365), the current champion, will compete for the true champion position. In the welterweight division, Jang Joon-hyun (21, Cheongbuk Tucheongjeongsimgwan), the current welterweight ranking No. 1, and Kim Joon-hwa (33, Anyang Samsan), the current middleweight champion, will compete for the position of the welterweight champion, who is currently vacant due to the retirement of Lee Jang-han (31, Mokpo Tucheongjeongsimgwan). In the following match, Choi Eun-ji (30, Pierisim), the current women’s bantamweight champion, and former bantamweight provisional champion Akari Union (30, Nagoya GSB), will compete with the pride of the two countries.

Road FC will also hold its first numbering competition in 2024 at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 13th of next month.

The main event of the competition, named “Gobne ROAD FC 068,” will be a heavyweight title match between current Road FC light heavyweight champions Kim Tae-in (30, Road FC Kim Tae-in Jim) and Sekino Taisei (23, FREE).

Kim is considered one of the best players in Korea. As Kim decided to compete in the heavyweight division, he said, “(Taisei Sekino) got hit by my fist and I don’t know if he will be able to withstand it.”

“Japanese Akdong” Taisei Sekino is a strong player who knocked out Heo Jae-hyuk (38, SHARK GYM) in 58 seconds in the first round at the “Gupne ROAD FC 067” last year. Taisei Sekino, who made his debut in a domestic martial arts competition through the Gupne ROAD FC 063 tournament held in February 2023, won TKO in all three Road FC matches in 2023.

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