“Weight Failure → Injured Return” 1st Round Prospective Empty Place… 10th Round Catcher Turbulent Camp, Will There Be a Chance for the First Team

LG Twins catcher Jeon Joon-ho (26) returned from a turbulent experience at Arizona Spring Camp in the U.S.

Initially, Jeon was training at LG Champions Park in Icheon. However, he was called to the U.S. team’s spring camp in mid-February. As catcher Kim Beom-seok, who joined the rookie draft in the first round last year, returned home midway due to internal muscle injury, Jeon joined the team’s spring camp as a substitute.핑크알바

Kim Bum-suk, a promising golfer in his second year, joined this year’s first spring camp in the first division. He is a promising golfer from LG including manager Yeom Kyung-yeop.

In his first year as a pro-baseball player, he trained at the spring camp of the second tier team, focusing on perfect shoulder rehabilitation, and played as a designated hitter in the second tier team during the regular season. He played in 10 games in the first tier team, posting a batting average of 111, or three hits from 27 times at bat, and one home run.

Kim Bum-suk joined the first team camp for the first time this year and was expected by the coaching staff, but the plan was ruined due to his injury. Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop reprimanded Kim Bum-suk for being injured due to his poor weight management.

With Kim Bum-seok missing, there were three catchers. Catchers were also needed for pitchers’ bullpen pitching and practice games in the second half of the camp. Jeon Joon-ho joined in the middle of the camp.

Jeon, however, played more as an outfielder than a catcher in practice matches in the latter half of the camp. In the first blue-and-white match held in Scottsdale, Arizona on March 25, Jeon started as a left fielder, not a catcher. As the number of outfielders who joined the camp was not enough to be divided into two teams, Jeon came out wearing outfield gloves. Jeon weighs 80 kilograms and is not too heavy to play as an outfielder.

Jeon Joon-ho, who started as the eighth left fielder of the blue team, stepped down in the third inning due to a fly ball to the right field. Later, in the fifth inning, when Park Dong-won, the catcher of the white team, was out, he moved to the white team and played as a catcher.

In the second Cheong-baek match on April 29, Jeon started as an outfielder. He played right fielder at No. 9 in the blue team. He entered the batter’s box at the top of the second inning with a chance of one out and runners on the first and second bases with one out, when his team was leading 1-0. He was out after hitting a double play against Choi Won-tae, the starting pitcher of the opponent team, to ground out to the third baseman.

Jeon Joon-ho, who played right fielder for the blue team until the bottom of the fourth inning, moved to the white team catcher in the top of the fifth inning. After Park Dong-won was absent, he played as a substitute catcher.

Then, he entered the batter’s box as the 10th batter of the white team in the bottom of the fifth inning. At the 3-3 tie, Jeon hit a come-from-behind solo home run against Choi Dong-hwan, which flew over the fence. He had no hit in one at-bats for the blue team and one hit, one homer, and one RBI for the white team.

At a practice game with NC, Jeon Joon-ho played as a pinch runner and a pinch hitter, respectively. At a practice game with NC on June 27, he played as a pinch runner for Moon Bo-kyung’s first base in the ninth inning, when his team was leading 7-4. He scored due to hits by the follow-up hitter and errors by the opponent team’s defense.

At a practice game against NC Dinos on Sunday, Jeon had the opportunity to hit as a pinch hitter. Jeon took the batter’s box as a pinch hitter in the seventh inning with one out and a runner on the second base, when his team was leading 7-3. He hit a timely hit against NC Dinos left-handed Kim Tae-hyun to garner an RBI.

He had two hits, one home run, and two RBIs in four at-bats in Cheongbaek match and practice game. He didn’t have many chances to hit, but he hit well in valuable opportunities.

Will the 10th round get a chance to hit his debut

Jeon joined the rookie draft in the 10th round (ranked 92nd overall) in 2017. He has played in 10 games in the first division for seven years.

He was registered as an official player in 2019 and played in eight games, recording no hits in five times at bat. Last year, he was called up after LG confirmed its regular-season victory in early October, and recorded no hits in two games and one time at bat.

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop brought four catchers, Park Dong-won, Heo Do-hwan, Kim Bum-suk and Kim Sung-woo, to the spring camp. Kim Bum-suk and veteran Heo Do-hwan, as back-ups to Park Dong-won, the team’s main players, will be included in the first division.

Kim Sung-woo has grown in skills in offense and defense since last year. Kim Bum-seok returned home halfway due to an internal oblique injury, but Jeon Joon-ho’s turn in the catcher’s depth is followed. Although Jeon Joon-ho did something bad in camp, it seems difficult to get a chance to enter the first team. When will the opportunity to make his debut hit come.

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