“Big Leaguer,” who turned out to be a free-talking player. Moon Dong-ju’s passion for baseball impressed LG foreign hitters. “I respect him. I hope he can lead us well.”

There are only interesting stories about the Korean team. I never expected to hear about Moon Dong-ju from Austin Dean, a foreign hitter of the LG Twins.핑크알바

I learned from Austin that Moon Dong-ju was a prepared major leaguer. He was an English proficient who could talk freely with foreign players.

During an interview with Austin, I learned an unexpected fact. When asked about Ryu Hyun-jin, who returned to the Hanwha Eagles on the 6th, Austin said, “Ryu Hyun-jin will help young pitchers grow in the Hanwha Eagles. Especially, Moon Dong-ju, who is close to me, will become a pitcher representing Korea, and I think if Ryu leads Moon well, he will grow further.”

Austin specifically mentioned Moon Dong-ju. In addition, he used the expression that he is close to Moon Dong-ju. Austin always talks to the rival players without hesitation even during games, but since he used the expression that he is close to Moon Dong-ju, he seemed to have a connection with him. In addition, he seemed to have affection for Moon Dong-ju, given that he was referring to his growth.

I asked what kind of friendship he has with Moon Dong-ju.

Austin said, “I wasn’t close to myself from the beginning, but Casey (Kelly) and Moon Dong-ju were close first. I don’t know how the two became close.” “When I went to Daejeon first last year, Casey and Moon Dong-ju decided to have dinner together, and I was invited to the place,” he said, introducing his relationship with Moon Dong-ju.

Austin’s words soon showed why he showed affection for Moon. Austin said, “I was very surprised to see Moon Dong-ju at that time. I felt that there was so much affection and passion for baseball that I wanted to show respect for it, and I hope it goes very well.” “I hope that Moon Dong-ju will succeed and grow into a player who can go to the Major League as well as Korea.”

Ji Seung-jae, an interpreter who went with him at the meal, told an amazing back story. Ji Seung-jae said, “I went to interpret there and he didn’t say a word,” and added, “Moon Dong-ju was very good at English. He understood everything Kelly and Austin were saying and asked questions in English.” Ji Seung-jae was curious and asked why he was good at English to Moon Dong-ju himself. Ji Seung-jae said, “I heard that Moon Dong-ju was able to speak English again when he was young because he was in elementary school.” Austin continued, “When I was in the U.S., I had a video call with Moon Dong-ju,” and said there was no problem communicating with him in English.

Most of the players entering the U.S. from Korea often had difficulty communicating, but Moon Dong-ju already has enough skills to communicate in English without interpreting, so if he builds up his skills, there will be no obstacles to adapting when he enters the Major League in the future.

Austin is a favorite of Moon, but since he is a professional, the game is decided. “We are players. In the end, professional players have to win even if they meet the best of the best,” Austin said, expressing his intention to win against Moon.

Moon pitched in three games against LG last year, and had one win, one loss and a 4.02 ERA. He pitched all three times in Jamsil, but on May 19, he allowed four hits, four walks, four strikeouts and three runs in four innings, and on July 12, he allowed five hits, one walk, five strikeouts and one run in seven ⅓⅓ innings. On September 3, his last appearance in the regular season, he allowed 11 hits (one homer), two walks, two strikeouts and three runs in four ⅓ innings.

Austin was weak against Moon Dong-ju last year. Although they met eight times, they had one hit (double) in eight times at bat. There was no walk or strikeout.

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