Incheon High School Captain Park Jae-hyun, who saved the winner, led the semifinals

The core of the Incheon High School’s lineup, third baseman Park Jae-hyun (3rd grade) led the team to the semifinals by playing a timely hit in the preliminary match against Gyeongnam High School and an RBI to push away the extended game situation in the top of the 10th inning.핑크알바

In the second preliminary match against Gyeongnam High School held at Hyundai Motor Dream Ball Park in Busan on the afternoon of the 8th, Park Jae-hyun recorded two RBIs with a critical timely hit and a walk that he pushed out in the 10th inning, contributing to his advance to the semifinals. Incheon High School won the final score 15-8.

Park Jae-hyun, who played as the team’s leadoff (first hitter), did his part well with one hit and two walks in five at-bats. In particular, Incheon High School was leading 5-4 in the sixth inning, and he showed his outstanding clutch ability again by hitting a timely hit to bring in the third baseman against Gyeongnam High School ace Park Si-won.

Since his sophomore year, he has drawn attention from scouts for his hot hitting ability. Notably, he had a solo home run in the bottom of the second inning in a match against Kyungpook National High School in the semifinal of last year’s Presidential Cup, and a timely RBI single in the bottom of the fifth inning to display his temperament as a “solver.”

Park Jae-hyun, who led the team to the semifinals of the tournament, said in an interview after the game, “As the team captain, I felt sorry for the team because I showed bad performance in the first game (Chungam High School). I wanted to show my team a helpful performance in today’s game, but I’m glad I was able to take advantage of the 6th chance.”

When he said he was strong in scoring, he said, “I’m flattered. When I got a chance, I didn’t care too much and just focused on the pitcher,” adding, “I want to fully focus on the pitcher’s game this year as well.”

“I want to hit a home run again this year,” Park said. “Since I hit one last year, I hope I hit two more this year,” Park Jae-hyun said. “My biggest goal is to maintain a high batting average. When I feel better about hitting, I will aim to hit long balls sometimes.”

Park Jae-hyun predicted a strong performance this season. “What we only want is to win. We will do our best as captain so that everyone can work hard towards this,” he said. “Like the preliminary round for the prestigious high school baseball competition, I want to become a team and win the first championship of the championship.”

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