3 Scenes That Plumped Power Analysts On ‘Super Rookie Finishing Candidate’

He is evaluated as a player with everything from his poor ball power, bold personality, and fighting spirit to win. He is gradually increasing his value with his outstanding ability to play games that surprise viewers.

The exhibition game against Kiwoom at Icheon Stadium on the 9th was a game that gave a glimpse of Kim Taek-yeon’s true value.핑크알바

The exhibition game is the busiest time for power division teams. Each team’s internal changes should be checked and organized daily. In particular, preparation for evaluation and preparation of new power is its main task. New faces like Kim Taek-yeon should be checked more clearly.

An analyst of Team A who watched the match on Sunday said, “I was surprised three times by Kim Taek-yeon’s ball.” Both ball power and guts were unbelievable that they were rookies.

First of all, the scene where he strikes out the first batter, Lee Hyung-jong.

Kim Taek-yeon struck out with a swinging curve that dropped significantly in the advantageous situation of the ball count 0-2.

“If the ball count is 0-2, of course, the timing is right for the manned ball to enter,” said an analyst with electric power A. Curves are not easily fooled at this time. A curveball is a type of ball that floats and then makes a fuss once it starts. Once a ball starts pitching, it feels like a ball. As it was 0-2, one naturally has to think that a ball that is taken out through a breaking ball can come out. When the curve came up, one would not want to swing. However, Lee’s bat turned weakly. This proves that Kim Taek-yeon’s curve is a highly complete ball type. Since the angle of the curve and the speed of bending are very good, he is able to swing and strike out with a curve ball at 0-2.

He said the scene of using a splitter in an unfavorable count was also impressive.

The scene where he induces a swing and miss with a splitter on the ball count 1-0 is also a surprising part.”

A power analyst said, “He showed the boldness of using a splitter when fighting for a count. The splitter was formed in the strike zone. The angle was so good that he swung and missed. The ball would have been a strike even if he didn’t swing it. He can say that he has confidence in his ball to the point where he uses a splitter in a disadvantageous count.”

The scene where he broke Choi Joo-hwan’s bat was also overwhelming.

At that time, the ball count was 3-1. Kim Taek-yeon threw a fast ball into the middle without thinking twice.

It was a scene that showed that if the count is concentrated, it can be held by force at any time.

“A closing pitcher should be able to display overwhelming performance by banking on his fastball when facing a crisis,” said an analyst with power. Kim Taek-yeon did the same. When the score was 3-1, he threw the ball to the center. It was a powerful and stretched ball. Eventually, Choi Joo-hwan dealt with it, but he proved once again that he is a fastball pitcher with good speed. He was able to break the bat because the ball was alive until the end. He proved that he is a pitcher who can win by banking on his strength when things don’t work. It was a remarkable pitch. I had to hesitate to sit down.”

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