“I’m ready to throw any time!”… Winning Shot Knuckle Curve → KKK in the ascendancy, Lotte’s ‘Super Rookie’ showed a show of force

Lotte Giants called Jeon Mir, who was called a “doryu” prospect, in the third overall pick of the first round of the rookie draft last year. Jeon Mir caught the eyes of scouts by showing off his extraordinary talent on both pitchers and batters, and he won the best player award and the best prize at the Blue Dragon flag National High School Baseball Championship in July last year, putting Gyeongbuk High School at the top in 30 years.업소알바

Lotte originally planned to give Jeon a chance to transfer his skills to other players. In the closing camp, Jeon trained himself as a second-class pitcher. However, he decided to focus on the mound as he thought he was more talented as a pitcher than a batter, and proudly put his name on the list of spring camps in Guam. Jeon also praised him throughout the camp.

Manager Kim Tae-hyeong exclaimed after seeing Jeon’s first bullpen session. “It’s much better than I thought,” he said, adding, “It’s a lot better than what I expected,” adding, “I feel different from what I throw in the fall last year.” He has good ball control. He will do well whatever he gives to him. He has a good throwing style, has a fast tempo and is aggressive. He looks great on the mound.”

It was not just that. Koo Seung-min, a key member of Lotte’s bullpen, and Yoo Kang-nam, a homebody, were so impressed. Jeon successfully completed the SPL camp amid favorable reviews from his seniors including the head coach, and made his first official debut in a showdown with SSG Landers at Sajik Stadium on the 10th. It was a moment when fans who had been hearing about Jeon through the media and others could check out the pitching of the “super rookie.”

Jeon started the game with a hit by leadoff hitter Lee Ji-young. Afterwards, Oh Tae-gon was grounded out, but soon gave up a walk to follow-up hitter Choi Kyung-mo and was shaken up. However, that was it for Jeon. Jeon tied Kim Jung-min with a fly ball to left field, and Ko Myung-jun, who has been showing off his strong batting power throughout the exhibition games, also tied him with a fly ball to left field and made a great debut without losing a point. Fans responded to Jeon’s solid pitching with loud cheers.

It was his second appearance against the Doosan Bears on the 11th that Jeon Mir was able to be imprinted in the minds of fans more than his first appearance since his debut. At that time, Jeon suddenly took the mound as Koo Seung-min was hit by a pitch. This pitch was overwhelming. Jeon Mir allowed an infield hit to Lee Yoo-chan at the same time as he took the mound, putting him on the verge of losing points with no outs and runners on the first and second bases. However, he selected a 125-kilometer curve as a winning shot against Kim Dae-han, a follow-up hitter, and struck out his first out count.

However, the joy was brief. Jeon had a hit by Cho Soo-haeng, which put the bases full with one out. Jeon quickly gained an advantageous count of 0B-2S against Jang Seung-hyun, and selected a 126km curveball in the third pitch to strike out three pitches. Then, he again chose the curve as a winning shot in the favorable count of 1B-2S against Doosan’s “signal hitter” Kim Jae-hwan, and ended the inning with three strikeouts by drawing Kim’s bat.

Jeon’s “KKK” pitching received a lot of attention. “Rather than me leading the game, I wanted to give a difference in speed because (Jeon) Mir’s curveball was so good,” Son said after the game. Mir agreed with my signature and threw the ball as it was, which gave me a good result. When I receive the Mir ball, I feel more confident than anything else. I think he has a heart. I feel that he has a strong desire to win, unlike a young player, whenever he leads the game,” Son said.

According to Lotte, Jeon’s maximum speed was 132 kilometers. However, this curve was not a typical curve. It was a “knuckle curve.” Asked if he should consider a curve as his main weapon, Jeon smiled shyly, saying, “It was originally a slider, but all of a sudden I like the curve. That’s why I am using the curve as my main weapon,” adding, “I learned it from Sun-yeop (Samsung) when I was a member of the youth national team. I asked and learned from him because he has such a good curveball, and I think it’s really good.”

Doosan Bears Kim Taek-yeon, Lotte Giants Jeon Mir. / Doosan Bears, Lotte Giants

Attention was drawn to Jeon’s pitching by KKK on Wednesday, as did Kim Taek-yeon from the first round of the same rookie draft. Kim Taek-yeon sealed off Lotte’s batters with a fastball of up to 150 kilometers per hour, earning his first save in an official match. “Mir pitched so well in front of him. Seeing him neatly block the inning with three strikeouts, I thought, ‘I want to throw as hard as I can and produce good results.'”

Jeon said, “When I was in high school with Taek-yeon, I realized that she was doing great again.” Jeon smiled, saying, “Taek-yeon is so good at this. There is no need for words.” Jeon and Kim had dinner together after the game, and rumors say Jin Hae-soo at the other table bought dinner. They talked about spring camp training and other activities while playing for the national youth team.

The maximum speed of his fastball, which was 144 kilometers during the spring camp, is gradually increasing. He shot the speed of 148 kilometers at this exhibition game. Jeon said, “I am not paying any attention to speed of his pitches now. I need to control my pitches first. I think speed of his pitches will come up when the time comes,” he said, expressing his strong ambition, saying, “I am ready to throw balls at the mound any time.” “If a pitcher has been nominated for the first round, he should throw at least that much,” he said.

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