LG expected Sanchez after Ryu Hyun-jin… Why is the second starter of Hanwha Peña and manager Choi Won-ho?

Felix Peña was selected as the second starter for the Hanwha Eagles, who will have a one-two punch with Ryu Hyun-jin, the returning monster pitcher. There is a strong left-hander Ricardo Sanchez in the LG Twins, but “one-two punch” Ryu Hyun-jin and Peña will be the starting pitcher for Hanwha in the first two consecutive games.밤알바

Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho announced Peña as the second starter ahead of the exhibition game of professional baseball against Doosan Bears in Daejeon on the 18th. With Ryu Hyun-jin confirmed early as the starting pitcher for the opening game against LG in Jamsil on the 23rd, Peña will follow as the second starting pitcher for the opening on the 24th. In LG, Detrick Enns and Lim Chan-kyu will start the opening two consecutive games.

LG predicted that Sanchez, not Peña, will play in the opening two consecutive games. During the Arizona Spring Camp last month, LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “We did not hit Sanchez’s ball well,” predicting that Sanchez will meet in the opening two consecutive games. In fact, Sanchez was very strong last year, with one win and one loss, a 1.59 ERA and 15 strikeouts and a 186% hit-off rate in three games (17 innings) against LG.

LG’s main left-handed hitters, including Kim Hyun-soo, Shin Min-jae (one hit in seven times at bat), Park Hae-min, Moon Bo-kyung, and Moon Sung-joo (one hit in five times at bat), couldn’t keep up with Sanchez’s ball. Considering this relativity, it is true that Sanchez will play against LG in the opening two consecutive games, but Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho watched the whole season a little broader.

“Sanchez will be better when we think about the match against LG, but we are not only playing against LG,” Choi said. “The pennant race should be watched throughout the entire season, and it is better to play in the order of priority that we think the starting players will be selected. Not only LG but also other teams will play games,” Choi said. “We will start the season in the order of rotation rather than customized starting players.”

When Ryu Hyun-jin and Sanchez play in the opening two consecutive games, two left-handed pitchers will be in the rotation one after another. If Sanchez is a definite second-line player, there will be no big problem after Ryu Hyun-jin, but it is not that bad. When he faces the same team, Sanchez may be at a disadvantage in that he is a left-hander after Ryu Hyun-jin. In terms of the season as a whole, it is ideal to eventually drop Ryu Hyun-jin and Sanchez, and mix Peña, Moon Dong-ju, and Kim Min-woo in the middle to form a left-right rotation.

[OSEN = Melbourne (Australia), Reporter Park Jun-hyung] Hanwha Ricardo Sanchez and Felix Peña are running. 2024.02.02 / soul1014@osen.co.kr

[OSEN = Daejeon, Reporter Choi Kyu-han] The exhibition game of the “2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League” was held at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 11th. In the top of the first inning, Hanwha starter Peña is throwing the ball vigorously. 2024.03.11 / dreamer@osen.co.kr

On the other hand, it also means that he has great faith in Peña, the second starter. Peña, who first met with Hanwha as a substitute foreign player in July 2022, pitched 177 ⅓ innings, the most in his team, in 32 games last year, recording 11 wins and 11 losses with 3.60 strikeouts. He is the only full-time starting pitcher in his team who has not skipped rotation, showing stability through double-digit wins and 19 quality starts. He has renewed his contract again with proven starting resources.

Although he lost in both appearances at exhibition games this year, he pitched well in 10 ⅓ innings, allowing six hits (three homers), five walks and striking out five, allowing four runs and an earned run average of 3.48. In the game against Doosan on Saturday, Yang Eui-ji hit a solo home run in consecutive innings, but blocked Yang Eui-ji from allowing four hits (two homers), three walks and two strikeouts in six innings. He pitched a total of 80 pitches, including a maximum 150 kilometers fastball (43) and an average 146 kilometers fastball (13) and a change-up (24) and sliders (13) in his main weapon.

“I think Peña will be above the league average unless he is sick. He has a very good breaking ball main weapon. He also has changeups that rank within the top few percentage points in the U.S. Major League Baseball, and his fastball speed ranges up to around 140 kilometers,” Choi said, adding that Peña, Hanwha’s second starter, is a reasonable choice given his past year and a half and his current performance.

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