1st place in Korea? No, 1st place in the league. That’s right

Baseball is often referred to as “pitcher play.” The 10 teams preparing for the 2024 season exert their utmost efforts to establish their starting pitchers. In fact, the teams with the most wins among the domestic first starters successfully advanced to the postseason last year. For LG, Lim Chan-kyu won 14 games (three losses) to directly win the Korean Series, while for KT, Ko Young-pyo won 12 games (seven losses). Kwak Bin of the Doosan Bears also garnered 12 wins (seven losses), contributing to Doosan’s advance to the postseason. Then, which Korean pitcher will be able to lead the team’s mound this season.

Ryu Hyun-jin of Hanwha
a career that is more splendid than most foreigners
I’m back. I’m aiming for the opening V of “Elzikiller”

■Hanwha Ryu Hyun-jin, the best pitcher in Korea? The best pitcher in the entire league

Among the 10 clubs, Ryu Hyun-jin (37, Hanwha), the returning “monster,” is the most anticipated pitcher.

Ryu has high expectations for the 2024 season. Since his debut in the KBO League, Ryu has dominated the league.핑크알바

His return became the hottest topic of conversation in the baseball community. Choi Won-ho, Hanwha’s manager, compared him to Eric Peddy, the former NC Dinosaurs who won the MVP award last year, saying, “It’s as if Peddy is coming.” In fact, the Hanwha Eagles will play the league with three foreign pitchers. Ryu boasts a better career than most foreign pitchers.

As soon as his return was confirmed, Ryu Hyun-jin was selected as the starting pitcher for the opening game against LG at Jamsil Stadium on the 23rd. Ryu Hyun-jin, who has taken steps to prepare for the opening game in Okinawa, Japan, is ready to play the opening game with two wins, two losses and a 3.00 ERA in two exhibition games.

In particular, the fact that it is an opening game against LG is drawing more attention. Of the 98 wins that Ryu garnered while playing in the KBO league, he won 21 games against LG. “I will bring one of the two consecutive games that I will try to win,” Ryu said, expressing confidence.

The effect of Ryu joining the team is encouraging Hanwha in itself. Hanwha ranked third with five wins, two draws and three losses in 10 exhibition games, raising expectations for the opening of this season.

Ko Young-pyo of KT
10.7 billion, the ability of the ransom to prove
Average of 20QS… Perfect Inning Eater

■ His price proves his ability… KT Ko Young-pyo

Last winter, KT Ko Young-pyo became the club’s first non-FA multi-year contract.

Ko signed a multi-year contract with a five-year contract period of up to 10.7 billion won (approx. He is the 14th player in the history of professional baseball to successfully sign a large contract worth more than 10 billion won (approx.

Ko Young-pyo has become a starting pitcher representing the league with his main weapon change-up leading from 2021.

He posted his first double-digit wins on debut with 11-6-1 holds in 2021, and added to his 13 wins (eight losses) in 2022. He had 12 wins (seven losses) last season and lowered his ERA to 2.78.

In particular, Ko’s strength is his ability as an innings hitter. Ko Young-pyo achieved 63 quality starts in the three seasons up to last season. As a personal goal, I am so proud that I aim for more than 20 quality starts every season.

Foreign pitchers William Cuevas and Wes Benjamin form a one-two punch, and Ko Young-pyo is supporting them as the third starter. He is the third in line, but he does not lag behind foreign pitchers at all. In general, Ko is also a top-ranked pitcher in the league.

Kwak Bin of Doosan Bears
155km fastball sprinkling ace
No. 1 team in the exhibition game. Expectations for team performance increase

■ Why Doosan, No. 1 in the pilot game, is raising expectations… Kwak Bin’s sprouting 155km fastball

Doosan finished first in the exhibition games. It ended with a draw in only one out of nine games, and won all of them.

At the center of the mound is Kwak Bin. Since last season, Kwak has emerged as the team’s native ace.

Kwak Bin, who joined the pro league as the first designation in 2018 after graduating from Bae Myung High School, solidified his position by achieving double-digit wins for the first time last year. He recorded 12 wins and seven losses with a 2.90 ERA in 23 games, marking his career high. In the multi-victory category, he was ranked fifth in the league.

Even ahead of the opening of this season, he threw 150 kilometers of fastballs, raising expectations. Kwak Bin, who took the mound as an opponent for the LA Dodgers’ practice game in Korea, started the game against the Dodgers on the 18th and recorded one hit, two walks, two strikeouts and one run in two innings. Although he allowed a run, he made a strong impression on Ohtani by throwing fastballs with a maximum speed of 155 kilometers.

Doosan will have two foreign players, Raul Alcantara and Brandon Waddell, along with Kwak Bin as the starting pitcher. The key to Doosans health is its physical condition. If Kwak, who has no experience in playing full health for a single season, stays healthy and maintains his starting lineup, Doosans performance this season could increase further.

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