Jaeyoon, I have good memories against you. I also have my first home run.” Hong Chang-ki’s first home run in LG, which he didn’t believe in either

As if he heard the coach’s wish before the game, he fired cannons when it was really necessary. In addition, he continued his long-accumulated formula of winning against Kim Jae-yoon, including last year’s Korea Series. At a critical moment, LG’s Hong Chang-ki (31) hit a tying solo shot, leading the team to come from behind to win the game.핑크알바

Hong hit a superior solo shot against Kim Jae-yoon in the bottom of the eighth inning against Samsung in Jamsil on Sunday. He hit a low fastball near Kim’s body to hit the right fence. LG tied the game 3-3, thanks to Hong’s homer. In the bottom of the ninth inning, Moon Sung-joo’s sacrifice fly completed his second win of the season and first come-from-behind victory.

After the game, Hong first expressed his confidence through memories. “I had good memories with him. That’s why I’m playing with him more confident. As I hit with confidence, good situations continue to be created,” he said of changing the course by hitting a home run against Kim in the third round of the KS last year.

Besides the third game of the KS last year, Kim Jae-yoon has many painful memories with LG. LG has the third largest number of blon saves. LG also had the highest ERA at 5.92 up to last year. He had high expectations for a change after moving to Samsung this year, but the result at his first game with LG is not good.

Just in time, Hong’s first home run pitcher was Kim Jae-yoon. Hong hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 11th inning against KT in Jamsil on June 30, 2020. As his first home run was thrilling, his memory of that time is clear.

“I hit my first homerun on Jae-yoon, so whenever I meet him, I always remember that time at bat. That’s why I feel confident,” Hong said. “At that time, it was a homer over the right fence. I felt really good at that time.”

Ahead of the game, LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “All the other teams are getting home runs, but I don’t know why we’re the only ones who don’t get home runs. The first home run came out late last year, too. Still, I think there will be a home run soon,” hoping to hurriedly get out of the drought.

And Hong Chang-ki, who had just one homerun last year, became the first player to hit a homerun this year. “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I hit my first homerun on our team. I was the last player to hit a homerun among the main players last year. I think I hit it around August. As I hit my first homerun this year, I think I will be able to hit more homeruns than last year.”

The winning formula is similar to last year’s, although it is unusual for a hero of a home run for the first time. Even though he lost, he added a must-win group, and players responded to his decision. Park Myung-geun in the top of the eighth inning and Yoo Young-chan took the mound in the top of the ninth inning to complete their mission without losing a point. After Park took the mound, Hong Chang-ki’s tying home run, and Moon Sung-joo’s walk-off sacrifice fly came out after Yoo Young-chan took the mound.

“I feel like last year continues. Even if we lose, we don’t lose easily and always stick with each other. As the winning team pitchers come out, I try to play more confidently and win, but the result is coming out well,” Hong said, displaying confidence in making the game that is not over until the end.

Last year, LG was also a master of upsetting. It came from behind to win the game 42 times during the regular season and two times during the KS games. The upset victory was the driving force behind the disappointment of 29 years.

We look forward to a similar situation this year. Baseball is a difficult game to win all the time, but if come-from-behind wins accumulate, team spirit naturally increases and confidence increases. The team has no choice but to gain the upper hand in the atmosphere battle.

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