Uncompensated sweat drops…Park Jong-hoon, I’m going to go slowly

Throughout the winter, he only focused on “exercise.” Park Jong-hoon (SSG), who is known for his hard work, but this time he increased his intensity. Everyone was talking. Along with diet, he lost a lot of weight. This demonstrates his determined commitment to the new season. Do we need more discipline to find his footing? His first appearance in the season was full of regret. He lost the game after allowing one run (not earned) in two innings. He had only one hit, but gave up six walks, which shook his control a lot.

He desperately wanted to revive the team. Park Jong-hoon is an underhand pitcher representing the league. His release point is extremely low. As he has such a unique form, it is not easy to achieve zero. However, it is scarce as such. It is not easy for the opposing batter to cope with the situation. He has become a top-rated pitcher in the league by earning double-digit wins in 2017 (12 wins), 2018 (14 wins), and 2020 season (13 wins). Since taking the surgery stage in 2021, he has rarely shown what he expected. Over the past two years, he has won only three and two wins, respectively.밤알바

He decided that he needed a little more time. Park Jong-hoon was informed of his move to the second division after just one game. SSG excluded Park Jong-hoon from the roster ahead of the match against Hanwha Eagles in Incheon on Friday. Instead, right-handed pitcher Lee Kun-wook came up. SSG manager Lee Soo-yong had a short meeting time. “I think if I had dragged on (the faster replacement) a little longer, I would lose my competitiveness. It’s the beginning of the season, so I’m going to give him time before things get worse. I’m going to take my time,” Lee said. “He explained the current situation and gave me accurate feedback.”

You don’t have to be disappointed just by drawing a comma for a moment. The sweatdrops that shed Park Jong-hoon will make the following. Lee said, “I felt bad knowing that Jong-hoon worked harder than anyone else. It was a pity from the coach’s point of view. Still, I had to make a decision because he was a team.” He said, “If you are preparing hard, you will use it. I will give you an opportunity. However, I still have to think about when and how that opportunity will be given.” Attention is focusing on whether Park Jong-hoon, who has been reorganized, will find a breakthrough.

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