Samsung Lions, another fall baseball ‘Dark Cloud’

Attention is focusing on whether the Samsung Lions will be able to enhance the pride of Daegu, the 野 capital of this season. After winning five consecutive pennant races (2011-2015) and four consecutive Korean Series titles (2011-2014) at Daegu Civic Stadium, it has been hovering around the middle and lower ranks except for a year (2021), when it moved to the new Daegu Samsung Lions Park (Lapac). Hopes are high that the team will watch autumn baseball just this year.업소알바

However, despite the fact that the team has clearly changed in the beginning of this season, other teams have shown more robust performance, raising concerns that it may be inferior to the team. In fact, Samsung showed off a safe combination of pitching and hitting from the exhibition game, and got off to a fresh start with two consecutive wins (against KT) in the opening game of the season. However, it has been disappointing with one draw and two losses against LG and two losses against SSG since then, raising concerns about whether it will be able to rank in the top five as possible post-season games.

In the three consecutive games against LG, which aims to build a new dynasty by winning the pennant race and the Korean Series title for the first time in 29 years last season, Samsung played tight matches in the first and second rounds, and displayed impressive performance to rival the winning team. However, the third round was a weak game itself. Starting pitchers and relievers collapsed and suffered a crushing 18-1 defeat. This kind of performance is causing us to worry that our teamwork could be shaken at any time.

Samsung’s first and second starting pitchers (Conor Seabold and Denny Reyes) also became winning pitchers in their first game, but suffered a loss in their second game. Foreign hitter David McKinnon has also failed to show his side as a clutch heater except for a two-run timely hit in the first game against LG.

Although it is said that the bullpen has been greatly strengthened this season, it is also a big problem that it has not been able to exert its power in the match against upper-middle-ranking teams. The ball power of Kim Tae-hoon, who was taken from Kiwoom, and Kim Jae-yoon, who came from KT, cannot overwhelm opposing hitters, and Oh Seung-hwan, the closing pitcher, became a losing pitcher by dedicating the finishing hit to LG’s Moon Sung-joo in a 3-3 match against LG on the 26th. Oh Seung-hwan’s ball power is in the mid-140km range, unable to overwhelm the opponent team’s sluggers, and there seems to be a limit to overcome with his control and skill.

If the bullpen fails to protect the tight game and often suffers come-from-behind defeats, the team’s atmosphere will inevitably stagnate. To give a cool-headed evaluation, it is expected that it will be difficult to expect Kim Tae-hoon in the 7th inning, Kim Jae-yoon in the 8th inning, and Oh Seung-hwan in the 9th inning to finish the iron wall during Samsung’s dynasty.

Despite Samsung’s changed appearance, baseball experts (commentators, professional reporters, etc.) classify the 10 teams this season into the “three strongest teams (LG-KT-KIA), the five most advanced teams (Hanwha-Doosan-Lotte-SSG-NC), and the other two most advanced teams (Samsung-Kium). The above projections are on the right track to some extent, not long after the beginning of the season. Samsung ranks seventh with two wins, one draw and four losses, while Kiwoom ranks eighth with its first win after four consecutive losses.

If the previous season’s strength is set at 100 (based on score), Samsung is showing some improvement at around 120-130 this season. However, baseball is based on relative evaluation. Hanwha, which has been ranking first with six consecutive wins since its defeat in the opening game, has seen its strength increase by more than double from last year’s to 200. Kia has also displayed remarkably enhanced strength (180-190) compared to last year’s. Even if nothing significant changes were made this season, Samsung will inevitably lose ground in its objective performance as its fighting power is already 200 last year. In fact, it has not won even one game in three consecutive games this week.

Considering that teams classified in the mid-tier ranks also have around 150 percent of capacity this season, it is difficult for Samsung to maintain its winning percentage above 50 percent. All pitching and hitting have revealed poor performance. In team attacks, there are many cases where the absence of a powerful shot and jagged hits by key players do not lead to scoring points at an opportunity. Baseball is often called “pitcher play.” Compared with Hanwha’s five solid starting pitchers (Ryu Hyun-jin, Peña, Kim Min-woo, Sanchez and Moon Dong-ju), Samsung’s one to five starting pitchers (Conor, Reyes, Baek Jung-hyun, Won Tae-in, and Lee Seung-min) are too anxious. Moreover, if the team fails to secure the bullpen firmly, it is natural that the team will suffer more losses than wins.

However, if Samsung players are armed with strong mental strength and the team’s atmosphere is revived, it could cause a stir despite the undervaluation that it will remain at the bottom of the list this season. Daegu enthusiastic fans believe that baseball’s reputation is Samsung’s potential, and they are confident that second-year coach Kim Jin-man will surely show something different.

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